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  • EU expected to extend sanctions against Russia and former Ukrainian officials

    The EU sanctions against Russian and Ukrainian citizens will be formally extended, without debate, on Thursday.  Brussels holds these citizens accountable for undermining the territorial integrity of Ukraine.

    It is predicted that the list will contain 146 people and 37 entities.  This was reported by RIA Novosti, citing EU sources.  Three people have been excluded from this list as they are now deceased.  These sanctions will be extended until the 15th of September.

    According to diplomatic …

  • Iran plans to transport oil to Europe through Ukraine

    The Vice Prime Minister of Ukraine, Hennadiy Zubko stated on 112 Ukraine TV Channel that Kiev and Tehran are discussing the possibility of supplying of oil from Iran to Europe via transit through Ukraine, as well as refining oil in Ukrainian oil processing plants. According to Zubko, Ukraine is interested in diversification of import supplies of oil products.

    “On the other hand, Iran is interested in diversification of export of its oil and oil products. That is why the question is about …

  • German Finance Minister: Putin fears European democratic model

    German Finance Minister, Wolfgang Schäuble, stated that the Russian President, Vladimir Putin, is afraid of the European social and democratic model and therefore is trying to separate EU member States.

    He stated on the 3rd of March, in London, that Russian President Vladimir Putin is afraid of the European democratic model thus, Europe has to resist his attempts to separate EU member states. According to Schäuble, the Russian Government is not concerned about the extension of the European …

  • Russia's Poseidon gas transport project won’t be a priority for the EU

    The EU is not ready to grant priority status to Russia’s new Poseidon gas transport project.

    According to Evropeyskaya Pravda, this statement was made by the European Commissioner, Maroš Šefčovič, during the Ukrainian Energy Forum.

    “It is difficult to comment on this Russian initiative as it was only announced a few days ago.  We do not have any official documents yet,” Sefchovich said.

    "However, we can say that the Poseidon project duplicates the transit routes which will transport Asian …

  • EU proposes engaging in trilateral gas talks with Russia and Ukraine

    The European Union proposed that Ukraine begin negotiations with the Russian Federation regarding gas prices, offering to serve as a mediator, according to EU Commissioner, Maroš Šefčovič, during the Ukrainian energy forum as reported by a Evropeyskaya Pravda correspondent.

    "The market gas price should be determined either through negotiations or with the help of the Stockholm Court," he stated.

    "Of course, litigation proceedings are more long-term, but we should not wait for it this year. …

  • EU extends sanctions against Yanukovych and his inner circle

    As expected, on the 2nd of March, the EU will continue sanctions against the former Ukrainian President, Viktor Yanukovych, and 15 members of his inner circle. These sanctions were to end on the 6th of March. "Radio Freedom", with reference to sources in the EU, reports.

    It is noted that the sanctions will be extended for another year.

    It is also expected that the former Minister of Health, Raisa Bogatyreva, will not be on the list of sanctions.  Sanctions were imposed two years ago due to …

  • Western countries asked Crimean Tatar Mejlis to avoid provoking Russian military

    During Russia's annexation of the Crimea in 2014, the Ambassadors of several Western countries called on the Chairman of the Mejlis of the Crimean Tatar People to avoid provoking the Russian military, as stated by Refat Chubarov, the Chairman of the Mejlis of the Crimean Tatar People on the program "Svoboda Slova" (Freedom of speech) on the channel ICTV.

    "All day long I was in touch with the ambassadors from the EU countries and the U.S.A. They all had the same request: do not provoke the …

  • EU Commissioner of Energy doubts the necessity of Nord Stream II

    The European Union doubts the economical necessity of Gazprom’s Nord Stream II project, as stated by the European Commissioner for Energy, Maroš Šefčovič, during the Ukrainian Energy Forum, as reported by a European Pravda correspondent.

    “It is a private project which provides for the expansion of Russian gas transit through the Baltic Sea. However, why does the European Union need the additional gas transit capacity if the current gas transportation system is only running at 50% capacity? …

  • Russian representative to the EU hopes that sanctions will be lifted this summer

    A scenario where sanctions against Russia will be ‘eternal’ is contrary to the basic economic interests of the countries of the European Union, said Russia's Permanent Representative to the EU, Vladimir Chizhov.

    Russia's permanent representative to the EU, Vladimir Chizhov, expressed hope that sanctions against the Russian Federation will be lifted in the summer 2016.

    "I think at some point, the sanctions will be simply lifted, hopefully in the summer.  To expect a solution that would allow …

  • Turkey expresses its support for Southern Gas Corridor

    At a conference to review the results of the second meeting of the Advisory Board of the Southern Gas Corridor in Baku, the Minister of Energy and Natural Resources of Turkey, Berat Albayrak, stated that “the Southern Gas Corridor is an essential project in ensuring energy security.”  

    According to him, Turkey strongly supports the implementation of the Southern Gas Corridor project, as reported by Trend.

    He also thanked Azerbaijan for arranging the meetings for the Advisory Board of the …