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  • Russian General killed in Syria

    A Russian military adviser with the rank of Major-General was killed in Syria, 15 km from the city of Deir ez-Zor, when an explosive device was detonated en route, reports TASS, citing the Russian Defense Ministry.

    An improvised explosive device was detonated on the side of the road when the convoy was on its way back to the base.

    In addition to the slain general, two other Russian servicemen were wounded. According to the Russian news agency RBC, the deceased was Major General Vyacheslav …

  • US forces block Russian military from entering an oil field in Syria

    The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) reports that a convoy of about 40 Russian troops which was heading for the town of Tall Tamr was stopped by a U.S. patrol.

    "This caused a state of tension between both parties," SOHR writes. As a result, the Russians retreated and headed towards the city of Ain Issa.

    According to the Turkish news agency Anodolu, the U.S. troops thwarted an attempt by the Russian military to proceed to the Rumeylan oil field in the northeastern part of Hasakah …

  • Unidentified warplanes bomb Iranian military base on Syrian-Iraqi border

    On Saturday evening, unidentified aircraft launched missile strikes on a camp of pro-Iranian Shiite militias near the town of Abu Kamal, near the Syrian-Iraqi border, in northeastern Syria, reports the TV channel Al-Hadath, citing the London-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights.

    At least five militants were reportedly killed in the attack.

    Earlier, it was reported that the construction of an Iranian-funded military base and transport infrastructure in the Abu Kamal area, which would …

  • US troops enter northeastern Syrian from Iraq

    A convoy of U.S. troops entered Syrian Al-Hasakah Governorate from Iraqi territory, reported the Syrian government news agency SANA.

    According to the SANA, the U.S. military entered the territory of Syria from Iraq through al-Waleed border crossing.

    SANA reports that the convoy included dozens of soldiers and military equipment and was accompanied by helicopters.

    On October 25, U.S. Defense Secretary Mark Esper said that the United States will send additional troops to Syria to protect the …

  • Russia and US-led coalition discuss withdrawal of Assad forces from Deir ez-Zor

    A meeting was held between the US-led coalition commanders and Russian military leaders in the town of Al-Salhiyah north of Deir ez-Zor, reports Deir ezzor 24 network citing its sources.

    According to the sources, the parties discussed the handover of villages (Hatlah, Al-Salhiyah, Mazloum, Marrat, Khasham, al-Tabiya Jazeera) to the Syrian Democratic Forces and the international coalition.

    According to Deir ezzor 24, the Assad regime and the Russians agreed to hand over these areas to the …

  • Media: Russian military headquarters blown up in Syria

    At least seven Russian military personnel died as a result of the explosion at the headquarters of the Russian troops near Deir ez-Zor in eastern Syria, reported EBAA news outlet.

    "Seven Russian military, as well as representatives of the Syrian regime, were killed on Friday after an explosive device was detonated at the headquarters of the Russian troops in the Criminal Court building north of the Panorama junction on the Deir ez-Zor-Damascus road," EBAA writes.

    It is noted that the Russians …

  • Russian Ministry of Defense reports death of four soldiers in Syria

    Four Russian soldiers were killed in Syria during a battle in the province of Deir ez-Zor, Interfax news agency reports with reference to Russian Ministry of Defense."Two Russian military advisers who were in charge of the Syrian artillery battery were killed. Five more Russian servicemen were injured and immediately taken to the Russian military hospital. The military doctors fought for the lives of the two wounded soldiers, but they succumbed to their wounds. The servicemen have been …

  • Media: France deploys six artillery batteries in Syrian Deir ez-Zor province

    The French military has established six artillery batteries near the Syrian-Iraqi border in order to support Kurds, the Baghdad Post reports, citing its sources.

    The newspaper states that the six artillery batteries were established in the north of Deir Ezzor province's Baguz village.

    The French military have increased their presence in Kurdish-held areas of Syria. They are currently deployed in Manbij, al-Hasakah, Ayn Issa and Raqqa.

    Earlier, the newspaper Le Parisien, citing as its source …

  • US-led coalition attacked by 'an unidentified aggressor' near Syrian town of Deir ez-Zor

    The US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) opened fire on "unidentified forces" near the town of Deir ez-Zor on Thursday, reported US-led coalition.

     According to the statement of the coalition, the SDF forces were attacked by an "unidentified aggressor".

    “The hostile force engaged SDF with artillery, and SDF responded in self-defense, resulting in the destruction of one artillery piece,” the statement of the US-led coalition reads.

    According to the statement, Coalition officials discussed …

  • Syrian and pro-Iranian forces attack US-Led coalition near Deir ez-Zor

    The Syrian Army and Iran-sponsored militias attacked the positions of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) on the east bank of the Euphrates. The Syrian forces managed to take control of several villages located north-east of the city of Deir ez-Zor. The Syrian state agency SANA confirmed the information.

    Later, the SDF forces brought reinforcements from Conoco oil field. They mounted a counteroffensive and with the support of strikes by the US-led coalition aircraft regained control of the lost …