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  • Israel carries out another attack on Syria

    On the night  July 24, Israel struck the targets in the area of Tell al-Hara in the North-West of the Daraa province, reports Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA). Air defense systems of the Syrian Armed Forces were activated during the attack. According to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights that is based in the UK, several people were killed during the attack as well as material damage was caused. The purpose of the attack, according to human rights activists, were facilities belonging to the …

  • Russia: Israel threatens stability of entire region

    A spokeswoman for the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs Maria Zakharova stated that Israeli military actions against Syria threaten the stability of the whole region. Zakharova was referring to the attack on Syrian facilities, which is credited to Israel.

    "The escalation of the conflict makes us very concerned. Forceful actions that violate the sovereignty of Syria, not only do not contribute to the normalization of the situation in this country but also carry a threat in which the interests …

  • Israeli Air Force strikes targets near Damascus

    Syrian television reported on a missile attack on the outskirts of Damascus and Homs. The air defense system reportedly managed to repel the attack and shoot down missiles, reports SANA (Syrian Arab News Agency).

    A military source informed SANA that the missiles most likely were fired by the Israeli aircraft from the Lebanese airspace. Their target was military facilities in the largest cities in the country.

    According to SANA, four civilians were killed as a result of an attack.

    Israel …

  • Israel strikes Syrian missile launcher

    Aircraft of the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) attacked a missile launcher in Syria after missiles were fired against an Israeli fighter jet, as reported on the Twitter page of IDF.

     “Earlier today, an Israeli fighter jet, during a routine flight in the north of the country, came under fire from the Syrian territory,”  the message reads.

    In response, the IDF attacked the missile launcher. “The IDF takes any threat to its aircraft seriously and will take action to defend them,” the military added. …

  • Israel carries out airstrike in Syria

    The Syrian news agency SANA has reported a series of explosions caused by airstrikes near the Aleppo airport and the adjacent industrial zones. Israeli fighter jets are believed to be behind the attack.

    “At around 23:00 [local time] on Wednesday, our aerial defense systems repelled an Israeli aerial attack on a number of facilities in the Shaykh Najjar industrial zone north-east of Aleppo, and shot down several missiles,” SANA cites its source as saying. The losses were reportedly limited to “ …

  • Israel strikes new targets in Syria

    On the night of 20 January, the Israeli military launched another missile strike against targets in Syria. The attack targeted Iranian weapons depots, an intelligence facility, a training camp, and Syrian aerial defense batteries. The Israel Defense Force (IDF) stressed that the attack was a response to a surface-to-surface missile attack launched from Syria against Israel’s Golan Heights.

    “These are the Iranian Quds military sites in Syria that we targeted in response: munition storage sites, …

  • Netanyahu: Israel strikes Syria to prevent Iran's entrenchment

    The strikes of Israeli Air Forces on Damascus are aimed against Iran, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said. Israel is trying to prevent Tehran’s entrenchment in Syria, the prime minister wrote on his Twitter page on Sunday, January 20. 

    Meanwhile, the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation said that the Syrian air defense systems repelled an attack by Israeli fighters at the Duwali Airport in the south-east of Damascus. As reported by the Russian National Defense Management …

  • Syria claims to have repelled Israeli air attack

    Syrian anti-air defense systems reportedly destroyed a number of “hostile air targets” in the region of Al-Kiswa, which lies south of Damascus, reported the news agency Alalam, citing Syrian TV.

    Syrian agency SANA also reported the attack citing a source in the Syrian military.

    “Our anti-air defense divisions responded to an attack by several hostile targets in the region of Al-Kiswa, and shot them down,” the source stated, clarifying that while the attack was being repelled, the Syrian anti- …

  • Crimean authorities ask Russia for help in organizing air transit between Damascus and Simferopol

    Sergey Aksyonov, the Russian head of the Crimea, sent a letter to Yevgeny Dietrich, the Russian Minister of Transport, and asked him for support in organizing flight connections between Damascus and Simferopol, TASS reported.

    It was reported earlier that Aksyonov spoke about this at his meeting with Syrian authorities during his visit in Damascus from October 15 to 16.

    The Russian Ministry of Transport confirmed that they received Aksyonov’s letter.

    Representatives of the Russian authorities …

  • New russian MC-21 airliner 50% more expensive than Elon Musk rockets

    The project to develop the mid-range MC-21 aircraft, included in the Russian government’s innovative rebuilding of the economy plan in 2008, has become 130% more expensive over the course of its existence, reports

    The completion deadline was missed, and instead of two models, a 300 and a 400, the project was downsized to one, according to a report published by Russia’s Accounts Chamber on Thursday.

    During the course of the project, the time needed to develop the plane grew to three …