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  • Russian Prime Minister: Moscow will find ways to help Cuba get oil

    Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev said on the Russia 1 TV channel that Russia would find ways to help Cuba to get oil.

    The TV presenter asked whether Russian warships would escort tankers that deliver oil to Cuba.

    "I think we will find other ways to help Cuba get oil and oil products... Today, by the way, we talked about it and agreed that we will create a work plan for the energy supply to Cuba, including traditional energy sources, hydrocarbons, and some other opportunities that exist," …

  • Cuba declares its solidarity with Iran in conflict with US

    Cuban Minister of Foreign Affairs Bruno Rodríguez wrote on Twitter that Cuban authorities express support for Iran in the conflict with the United States.

    Minister wrote in his message that the reason for the Cuban solidarity with Iran is "the new US aggressive escalation against the sister nation".

    Also, Rodríguez called on the parties to start a " dialogue and cooperation, based on the principles of International Law" stressing the importance to protect the peace.

    Earlier, US President …

  • Russian Kalibr missile-armed frigate enters Cuba

    The Russian naval frigate “Admiral Gorshkov” has entered the port in the Cuban capital of Havana, the Russian Defense Ministry announced on its website.

    The frigate arrived with a detachment of other ships and auxiliary vessels from Russia’s North Fleet, and will remain there until 26 June. The detachment commander will meet with the leaders of the Cuban Armed Forces, visit museums and take tours. There are also plans for Russian Ambassador to Cuba Andrei Guskov to visit the Admiral Gorshkov. …

  • Russia to grant Cuba 2 billion euro for infrastructure projects

    Russia has agreed to help Cuba modernize the railway network. The total cost of the project, which will be carried out with loan money and will amount to 2 billion euro, Russian Deputy Prime Minister Yuri Borisov told TASS.

    Borisov said that the implementation of the project will take seven years and it will play a key role in the economy of Cuba”. “We agreed to break it down into two phases, optimize required loan resources, and we will begin specific work on the project soon,” he said.

    In …

  • Media: Kremlin to grant Cuba $50 million loan for purchasing Russian weapons

    Russia will grant Cuba a loan of $50 million, the newspaper Kommersant reported with reference to two sources in the arms exports and military industry. According to the sources, the money will be used to purchase Russian weapons.

    They said that the corresponding document will be signed at the coming meeting of the intergovernmental commission on trade and scientific-technical cooperation between the two countries. The meeting will be held on October 29-30 in Havana. The Russian delegation …

  • Russia considers restoring its military base in Cuba

    The Russian military base in Cuba must be reestablished so that Russia can protect itself against the hostile actions of NATO and the US, said Frants Klintsevich, First Deputy Chairperson of the Federation Council Committee on Defense and Security.

    “I believe that all efforts must be made, but our base – both naval and aviation – has to be in Cuba. This is a crucial aspect,” Interfax cites the senator as saying.

    Klintsevich called the deployment of US anti-missile defense systems around …

  • Russia called on Trump to reach out to Cuba

    A new line against Cuba, declared by US President Donald Trump, is a return to the rhetoric of the Cold War, the Russian Foreign Ministry stated. The department noted Trump’s position was regrettable.

    On Friday, Trump said he was canceling the Obama administration's deal to normalize relations with Cuba. He noted that Washington would not remove sanctions from the government in Havana unless all political prisoners were released, freedom of speech and assembly would be respected, and as long …