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  • Russia's Black Sea Fleet began large-scale exercises

    The Armed Forces of the Russian Federation have begun large-scale exercises. As the press service of the Russian Defense Ministry reports, the exercise will take place in the ranges, airfields and training facilities of the Southern Military District and in the Black Sea.

    "Logistical support, engineering, moral and psychological security, communications security, radio-electronic warfare and nuclear, chemical and biological (NBC) protection issues will be worked out in practice. The plan …

  • Russia to deploy two powerful radar systems in the Baltic and Black Seas

    Russian Interfax news agency reported that Russia may attempt to compensate for the increase in NATO’s military activity by placing two new radar stations in the Baltic Sea and the Black Sea, which would be able to control the 200-mile coastal zone.

    "It is expected that modified Podsolnuh (Sunflower) over-the-horizon radar units will start combat duty in the Baltic Sea in 2017," Interfax’s source said, adding that similar radar could be deployed in the Crimea in 2017. “It can see any warship …

  • Georgian Defense Ministry: NATO cannot ensure security in the Black Sea without the aid of Georgia

    The issue of the Black Sea’s security, which is being considered by NATO, cannot be successful without Georgia,a as expressed by the republic's Defense Minister, Tinatin Khidasheli, Interfax reports.

    "Today, NATO is actively working on the Black Sea security issue, and Georgia is participating in it. Any decision that will be adopted at the [NATO] summit in Warsaw will be made with Georgia. No matter whether Georgia is a member of NATO or not, this is the direction and challenge; we have …

  • Military expert: It would take Russia several hours to take away Ukraine's presence in the Black Sea

    After the annexation and militarization of Crimea, it would take just a few hours for Russia to relieve Ukraine of its status of maritime power and to block the country from accessing the Black Sea. This was said by the Deputy Director of the Ukrainian Center for Army, Conversion and Disarmament, Mykhailo Samus, during an interview with Radio Krym.Realii.

    “Russia can easily, and within a few hours, block access to the sea for Ukraine and also deprive Ukraine of its maritime power status. We …

  • NATO plans to strengthen its military presence in the Black Sea region

    After a meeting of NATO Defense Ministers, Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said that the Alliance will continue to build up its military presence in the Black Sea region, Evropeyskaya Pravda reported.

    "There will be more pre-disposed equipment. Today, we have also confirmed Romania's proposal to establish a multinational brigade on its territory, and we will continue to take other measures to strengthen the balance of power in the southeastern direction,” Stoltenberg stated.

    "We have …

  • Russia holds military exercises in the Black Sea

    The Russian Federation is conducting military exercises aimed at the conditional destruction of NATO ships in the Black Sea, as announced by a representative of the Ukrainian Defense Ministry’s Main Intelligence Directorate during a briefing on Thursday, June 9th, as reported by RBC-Ukraine.

    "The Russian Federation continues activities to increase the ability of the aerospace forces to conduct large-scale offensive operations in the Black Sea region," Skibitsky said. He added that the purpose …

  • Russian Foreign Ministry: The presence of US warships in the Black Sea will lead to retaliation

    The head of the Russian Foreign Ministry's European Cooperation Department, Andrey Kelin, said that the presence of US warships in the Black Sea will lead to retaliation, RIA Novosti reported.

    "From time to time, US vessels enter the Black Sea. Obviously, we do not appreciate it and, undoubtedly, this will lead to retaliatory measures," Andrei Kelin told the Russian state-run news agency.

    On June 6th, a US Naval destroyer, the USS Porter, entered the Black Sea to conduct exercises with …

  • US destroyer sent to the Black Sea

    A US Naval destroyer will enter the Black Sea on Monday to conduct exercises with partner navies, according to a statement issued by the US 6th Fleet.

    “While in the Black Sea, the USS Porter will conduct port visits and bilateral exercises with partner navies. The ship's operations in the Black Sea are meant to enhance maritime security and stability, readiness, and naval capability with our allies and partners,” the statement read.

    “US vessels routinely operate in the Black Sea region to …

  • Ukraine and Romania agree to create NATO-led Black Sea fleet

    Ukraine and Romania have agreed to create a NATO-led fleet in the Black Sea, Dozhd reported, with reference to 112 Ukraine.

    The matter was discussed during Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko’s visit to Romania.

    "In the face of continued aggression by Russia, Ukraine and Romania pay special attention to the security situation in the Black Sea region. We are condemned by the President of Russian to the militarization of the Crimean Peninsula, [and the] occupation of Crimea,” Poroshenko stated. …

  • Romania hopes decision on NATO Black Sea fleet will be made in the coming months

    According to Activenews reports, Romanian Minister of Defense Mihnea Motoc hopes that the decision to create a NATO fleet of Romanian, Ukrainian and Georgian ships will be made at the coming summit of the Alliance that should take place in July in Warsaw.

    According to the Minister, this group, which will be established in the Black Sea basin will be a sizeable brigade of Romanian, Ukrainian and Georgian naval forces. Motoc also emphasized that Romania hopes that a decision “on the prevention …