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  • Anti-government rally held in Belarus

    An opposition rally was held in Minsk on Friday on the unofficial national holiday “Freedom Day”, which marks the anniversary of the creation of the Belarusian People’s Republic on that day in 1918, Zaxid reported. Estimates on the number of participants vary from 500 to as many as 2,000.

    The protesters were comprised of representatives of various social groups including pensioners, students, and entrepreneurs. The demonstrators voiced their dissatisfaction with the current Belarusian …

  • Belarus initiates 135 criminal cases against individuals who fought in Ukraine

    As the Head of the Main Directorate for Combating Organized Crime and Corruption Nicolai Karpenkov said in an interview with the newspaper Zvezda on March 25th, criminal cases have been initiated against Belarusians fighting on both sides of the conflict in Ukraine, as reported by Radio Polsha.

    “It is important not to let in foreign militias-mercenaries, radicalized Muslims, members involved in military actions in Ukraine and in the Middle East to Belarus. We are developing operational records …

  • Polish court finds Belarusian citizen guilty of espionage

    On March 23rd, a District Court in Warsaw found Yuriy K., a Belarusian citizen, guilty of espionage. The court determined that the Belarusian took photos of several important Polish military facilities, including air bases in Powidz, Krzesiny, Świdwin and Świnoujście, from 2009 until his arrest in 2014, Radio Polsha reported

    According to the court, Yuri K. used his mobile phone to communicate with a Belarusian officer, from whom he took orders.

    The 35-year-old Yuri K., who is now in custody, …

  • Lukashenko: Belarus does not need to choose between Russia and the EU

    During a meeting with Polish Foreign Minister Witold Waszczykowski, Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko said that his country does not need to choose between East and West, between Russia and the European Union, RBC reported.  

    "If the partners with whom we are in dialogue insist that we have to choose between the East or the West - that is, whether you are with Russia or the European Union, to put such a choice in front of us and to put us in such a position is inappropriate. I am …

  • Belarusian National Front demands that Minsk stop accepting Syrian refugees

    The Belarusian Popular Front (BPF) issued a statement at the Party Congress on Sunday demanding that the authorities stop accepting Syrian refugees, Interfax reported.

    The party noted that throughout the course of the war in Syria, more than 300 Syrian refugees have arrived in Belarus. The authorities in Minsk have taken measures to facilitate the process of receiving refugee status and asylum in Belarus.

    "The demographic crisis in Belarus, where a large number of our fellow citizens travel …

  • Prominent Belarusian businessman detained by KGB

    The Belarusian KGB confirmed on Sunday that it has detained prominent businessman Yury Chizh on suspicion of large-scale tax evasion, Interfax reported. 

    Chizh, the owner of the Belarusian firm Triple, has been a close adviser to President Alexander Lukashenko since the early 1990s, and has long been referred to as one of the President’s main sponsors.

    Sources indicate that Chizh has recently fallen out of favor with the Belarusian government.

    If convicted, Chizh could serve up to 7 years in …

  • Belarusian Foreign Ministry doesn't see a threat in Ukraine's cooperation with NATO

    As reported by RIA Novosti, according to the Belarusian Deputy Chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces, Pavel Muraveyko, Belarus is not concerned with Ukraine’s cooperation with NATO and does not see any threat from Ukraine.

    “What is happening in its territory and the involvement of NATO countries at this time is not critical or challenging for our country. We should have a good understanding of these processes which take place and know that NATO is interested in increasing the number …

  • Ukraine responds to Belarus' refusal to accept Ukrainian biometric ID cards at border crossings

    The Consular Service of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine stated that it didn’t receive reservations from Belarus concerning the use of the new plastic card passports during the development of the visa-free regime between the two countries, as stated in the report of the Ministry, published on the 5th of March on Facebook. On the same day, Belarus announced that it doesn’t see a Ukrainian citizen’s plastic ID card passport as a valid document for border crossings.

    “The corresponding …

  • Belarus will not allow Ukrainians to enter the country using new biometric ID cards

    Ukrainian citizens will not be able to enter Belarus with their new plastic ID-cards, as stated on the website of the State Border Committee of Belarus. These cards have been issued to Ukrainians since the 1st of January 2016, as reported by Evropeyskaya Pravda.

    “According to the 2009 bilateral agreement on visa-free travel between the Republic of Belarus and Ukraine, the new Ukrainian ID-card passport cannot be used when crossing the state border,” the statement said.

    The Belarusian Ministry …

  • Belarusian entrepreneurs hold demonstration in Minsk

    Several hundred people gathered in the center of Minsk on Sunday and marched to the presidential administration building. Some were holding the Belarus’ flag from the early 1990s (white-red-white), and others held posters urging President Alexander Lukashenko to resign, according to RBC.

    Among the protesters were Belarusian opposition leaders including Mikola Statkevich, the head of the unregistered “Nardonaya Hramada” party and former political prisoner who was pardoned by Lukashenko in 2010. …