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  • Russia conducts aviation exercises in Crimea to counter reconnaissance aircraft

    The Russian Air Forces conducted a training exercise to destroy a foreign reconnaissance aircraft in the Crimea, which "violates the state border in the airspace over the Crimean Peninsula," reported the press-service of the Russian Ministry of Defense.

    It also reported that the so-called "the Wall" tactic was practiced during the training.

    "The joint command involved equipment of radio reconnaissance and air defense of more than 30 warships, six divisions of Coastal Missile Systems Bal and …

  • Russia to reinforce Black Sea Fleet with Bastion missile systems

    In 2019, the Russian Defense Ministry will continue to reinforce its Black Sea Fleet with K300-P Bastion coastal defense missile systems armed with supersonic Onyx anti-ship cruise missiles, Interfax reported, citing a source familiar with the situation. 

    “In 2019, three missile battalions are expected [to be added]. They will be part of the coastal and ground forces of the Pacific, Northern and Black Sea Fleets,” the statement reads. These are the same types of missile systems already …

  • Russia conducts exercises with Bastion and Bal coastal missiles systems in annexed Crimea

    On February 15th, Bastion and Bal missile combat crews of the Russian Black Sea Fleet held exercises on destroying sea targets in the annexed Crimea, as reported by the press service of the Russian military department.

    "At the Crimean test sites, the personnel of the Bastion and Bal anti-ship coastal missile systems are conducting planned exercises to develop practical skills in carrying out missile strikes," the press service of the Black Sea Fleet of Russia said.

    It was specified that the …

  • Russian Black Sea Fleet conducts coastal missile exercises in Crimea


    On October 23rd, the Black Sea Fleet in the annexed Crimea conducted missile strikes on a hypothetical enemy’s ships using the Bastion and Bal missile systems, as reported by the press service of the Defense Ministry of Russia.

    The report notes that the deployment of the missile systems was in accordance with the plan for combat training of the Russian Black Sea Fleet.

    “As part of the exercises, the personnel executed the procedures for preparation and going to the position area, bringing …

  • Russia conducts snap readiness check exercises at its Black Sea Novorossiysk naval base

    Bastion missile systems and Bereg artillery systems were deployed on the Black Sea coast during a testing of the Novorossiysk naval base, which involved more than 10 vessels and 100 pieces of equipment, announced Vyacheslav Trukhachev, head of the information support of Russia’s Black Sea Fleet.

    According to Trukhachev, Bastion crews conducted simulated launches on surface targets. “Self-propelled Bereg artillery systems also moved forward in order to practice anti-amphibious actions,” …

  • Russia to form four new divisions in 2017, including in the Kuril Islands

    The Russian Ministry of Defence plans to complete the formation of four new divisions in 2017, and included in this will be the protection of the Kuril Islands. This was announced on February 22 in the State Duma on the television show “Parliamentary Hour” (Parlamentsky Chas) by Minister of Defence Sergey Shoygu, TASS reported.

    “This year we hope to fully put in place three divisions on the western border and in the southwest. We are actively protecting the Kuril Islands. We must place a …

  • Russian Navy strengthens their fleets with the new Bastion missile systems

    The Russian Black Sea Fleet in the annexed Sevastopol may be reinforced with the new Bastion coastal defence missile systems, as was reported by Interfax on January 27th, referring to a statement by the general director of the Russian company NPO Mashinostroyeniya, Alexander Leonov.

    The news agency writes that according to him, the delivery of the Bastion system is provided for in a 2017 state defense order. The Baltic, Black Sea, Northern, and Pacific Russian fleets will be reinforced by the …

  • Media: Russian Bastion missile systems have been deployed to Crimea

    A new division of Bastion coastal defense missile system arrived in the Crimea on November 30th, as reported by the Crimean news website citing a source in the Russian military. The divisions are replacing similar systems that were shipped to Syria in October this year.

    “A division of Bastions is arriving in the peninsular. The systems will replace the complexes shipped to Syrian in October. Bastions will be located in tow districts of the peninsular,“ the source said.

    The news …