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  • Polish Foreign Minister: Russia’s deployment of Iskanders to Kaliningrad is a disproportionate response

    Polish Foreign Minister Witold Waszczykowski believes that Russia’s deployment of Iskander missile systems in the Kaliningrad region is an unreasonable and absolutely disproportionate response to the strengthening of the eastern NATO flank. He stated this opinion during a meeting with his Belarusian colleague Vladimir Makei in Warsaw, TVN24 reported.

    “We see no grounds for such strengthening of the Kaliningrad garrison,” Waszczykowski said when commenting on the deployment of Iskander …

  • Latvian military begins to strengthen its borders

    An active roll-call of staff has started in the Latvian National Armed Forces, as well as strengthened surveillance of the Latvian border and airspace. The reason for this is the high activity from the Russian army in the vicinity of the Baltic States, Delfi reports, referring to the Ministry of Defense of Latvia.

    Over the past three days, planes from the Russian Air Force were identified near the border of Latvia: Su-24 tactical bombers, Su-27 multipurpose fighters, as well as an An-26 …

  • NATO to deploy rapid response forces to the Baltics in May

    The North Atlantic Treaty Organization will deploy a new group of rapid response forces to the Baltic region in May 2017. The Chairman of the NATO Military Committee and Chief of the General Staff of the Czech Army, Petr Pavel, stated that some divisions will come to the site earlier than the main group. The statement was made following the results of the NATO Committee meeting in Split, Croatia, the Wall Street Journal notes.

    There, the military leadership of the Alliance discussed the terms …

  • Canada to deploy 455 soldiers to Latvia in 2017

    Canada will send more than 450 soldiers to Latvia in May 2017 within the framework of NATO's efforts to expand its presence in the Baltic region, the AFP agency reported on Friday, September 16.

    The day before, Canadian General Jonathan Vance had confirmed the deployment of 455 servicemen to Latvia. "I think the soldiers will start arriving next spring, around May", Vance told the reporters. According to him, this process should be completed in early fall.

    In July, NATO approved the …

  • Ukraine's Ambassador to Latvia: Russian aggression against the Baltics 'is not unlikely'

    The Ukrainian Ambassador to Latvia, Yevhen Perebiynis, stated in an interview with that the scenario of possible aggression against the Baltic States isn’t absolutely unlikely after Russia’s occupation of the Crimea and the start of the war in the Donbas.

    “After the events in the Crimea and the Donbas, the scenario of Russia’s possible aggression against the Baltic States isn’t absolutely unlikely,” the ambassador said.

    Perebiynis explained that Russian aircraft perform regular flights …

  • Stoltenberg: Russia is the reason for stationing NATO troops in the Baltics and Poland

    The presence of NATO battalions in the Baltic States and Poland is associated with the military ambitions of Russia, the secretary general of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, Jens Stoltenberg, said.

    “The reason for placing the four battalions of NATO in the Baltic States and Poland is that we saw the military ambitions of Russia and its desire to use force against its neighbors,” Stoltenberg said on Wednesday, August 7, 2016, speaking during the International Conference “Europe’s …

  • Biden reassures Baltic States of NATO's commitment to their defense

    The Vice-President of the United States, Joe Biden, guaranteed NATO’s assistance to the Presidents of the Baltic States. Biden urged them to not take the statements of the Republican Party nominee for President of the United States, Donald Trump, seriously.

    The Vice-President of the United States promised the Baltic States solid support as NATO partners. On the 23rd of August, Joe Biden stated at a meeting with the Presidents of Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia, that Washington considers itself …

  • Lithuanian Defense Minister: Russia wants to sow discord in NATO with its proposal about flights over the Baltic

    According to Lithuanian Defense Minister Juozas Olekas, Russia wants to sow discord among NATO states with its proposal for the safety of aircraft flying over the Baltic Sea, Postimees reported.

    "There an attempt [to apply] ‘divide and rule’ could be made,'' Olekas said.

    According to the Minister, the issue of flights of Russian aircraft with transponders turned on should be decided not on the bilateral level but on the international. "I think that their [proposals] should be discussed in …

  • The Netherlands and Germany to carry out anti-ballistic missile tests in Crete

    Germany and the Netherlands will conduct joint tests of air and missile defense systems with the use of Patriot missiles in October on the Greek island of Crete. These tests are aimed at developing a model for deployment of air and missile defense systems in Poland and the Baltic countries, German General Michael Gschossmann stated in his interview with Reuters.

    General Gschossmann, the Commander of ground-based units of Germany’s Air Force reported that joint operations should help NATO to …

  • Russia to deploy two powerful radar systems in the Baltic and Black Seas

    Russian Interfax news agency reported that Russia may attempt to compensate for the increase in NATO’s military activity by placing two new radar stations in the Baltic Sea and the Black Sea, which would be able to control the 200-mile coastal zone.

    "It is expected that modified Podsolnuh (Sunflower) over-the-horizon radar units will start combat duty in the Baltic Sea in 2017," Interfax’s source said, adding that similar radar could be deployed in the Crimea in 2017. “It can see any warship …