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  • NATO begins large-scale military exercises in Poland

    Anakonda-2018 military exercises start in Poland on Wednesday, November 7. These are the largest maneuvers for the Polish armed forces in 2018.

    The stated objective of the exercises is the integration of national and allied structures and troops to conduct strategic defensive operations against conventional and hybrid threats. Their main focus is cooperation between military authorities and civil authorities and separate elements of the command structures of NATO.

    Servicemen from ten NATO …

  • Estonia starts a sudden call up of reservists

    According to ERR news agency, the government of Estonia decided at a meeting on Wednesday, October 31 to call 1,248 reservists for additional military training. This concerns the reservists, who are assigned to the 51st Logistics Battalion and who are assigned to the unit's mobilization reserve.

    The aim of additional military exercises is to review the functioning of the chain of command, starting with the decisions of the Estonian government and ending with the gathering of reservists from …

  • Poland expects a decision on NATO base by spring 2019

    Polish Foreign Minister Jacek Czaputowicz hopes that the decision on the deployment of a NATO base will be made in spring 2019.

    The diplomat said that there is a need for investments to expand and adapt the existing infrastructure. In addition, no decision on the location of the new base has been made. This largely depends on the position of the US Congress and the conclusions of the administrations of the US President and the Pentagon, Czaputowicz stressed.

    When asked when it is expected for …

  • Baltic States ask that NATO battalions stationed in the countries be strengthened with air and naval forces

    The Baltic countries are asking that NATO battalions deployed on their territory be reinforced with air and naval forces.

    This was stated by Lithuanian Foreign Minister Linas Linkevicius, who, along with his colleagues from Estonia and Latvia, met in Washington with U.S. National Security Adviser John Bolton, reports Delfi.

    “Now we have forward-based forces, and a limited international contingent is helping to ensure our security. We are not just talking about ground forces. In the future we …

  • Polish Prime Minister: after Ukraine Russia will attack Poland and Baltic States

    On Friday, March 9th, in Vilnius, the Polish Prime Minister, Mateusz Morawiecki, gave a press-conference after this meeting with his colleagues from Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia.  During the interview with journalists, Morawiecki remembered the words of the President Lech Kaczyński who died in a plane crash in the Russian Federation, who predicted that the Russian aggression in the world will progress.

    As Ukrinform news agency reports, Morawiecki stated that Kaczyński’s predictions remain …

  • Baltic States oppose EU sanctions against Poland

    The Heads of State of the three Baltic countries oppose EU sanctions against Poland. The bone of contention is judicial reform initiated by the Polish government. After a meeting between the heads of government of the four countries in Vilnius, on Friday, March 9, Lithuanian Prime Minister Saulius Skvernelis said that his country would support its neighbor if the EU decides to impose tough sanctions against Poland.

    "We would not want any sanctions to be imposed on Poland," said the head of the …

  • General Pavel: NATO increases number of troops in Baltic States due to Russia's military buildup in the region

    NATO has expanded its military presence in the Baltic countries in connection with the buildup of the Russian Federation’s military potential, said the head of the Military Committee of the North Atlantic Alliance, the Czech general Petr Pavel. This was reported by Interfax-Ukraine.

    According to him, the buildup and modernization of Russian military potential has led to increased anxiety and fear among the population in the Baltic countries.

    “That’s why NATO has provided an expanded presence …

  • Estonian Intelligence warns of information warfare by Russia against NATO troops in the Baltic States

    In a report titled “International Security and Estonia 2018”, the Estonian Foreign Intelligence Service has warned that Russian information warfare against NATO troops in the Baltic States will continue into 2018.

    "Information attacks on NATO forces in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania will continue at a pace similar to 2017," Estonian experts believe.

    According to the Estonian intelligence, the Kremlin's propaganda machine is also making an attempt to reduce and denigrate the significance of …

  • NATO: 60% of Russian-speaking Twitter users who write about the Alliance in the Baltic States are bots

    NATO's Strategic Communications Center of Excellence reports that 60% of Russian-speaking Twitter users are bots, according to the Center, which was founded in Riga, Latvia, The Voice of America reports.

    "Russian-speaking bots create about 70% of all Russian NATO reports in the Baltic States and Poland. In general, 60% of active Russian-speaking accounts are automated. In comparison, 39% of account tweeting in English are bots,” the report notes.

    The research notes that its conclusions are …

  • Baltic States ask media not to call them 'former Soviet Republics'

    The ambassadors of Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia sent a letter to the Le Monde newspaper with a request not to call their countries "former Soviet republics" in their articles, as stated on the website of the Latvian Embassy in France. The reason for the letter was an article in the French newspaper Le Monde from September 3 about Finland's struggle with the "hybrid threat" from Russia.

    In the article, a map of Finland and the Baltic States was published where they were called "former Soviet …