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  • Russian militray: US B-52 strategic bombers intercepted near Russia's borders

    Russian Ministry of Defense stated that Russian Su-27 fighter jets intercepted several strategic bombers of the US air force, which approaching Russian borders in the Black and Baltic sea, reports RIA Novosti News Agency.

    The military department of Russia noted that there had been no violations of the Russian border.

    It is not the first time that the American strategic bombers fly near Russian borders. In March, a strategic B-52 bomber flew over the Baltic sea. Russian Su-27 bomber …

  • US strategic bombers conduct training flights near Russian border

    According to Western aviation resources, on Friday, January 19, two US B-52H strategic bombers capable of carrying nuclear weapons carried out training flights in Estonia's airspace near the Russian border, Interfax reports. It was noted that the aircraft were flying near the Gulf of Finland. According to reports, American bombers flew out from the Fairford base in the UK. Before the flights which took many hours and were carried out in the Baltic region, training ammunition was loaded onto …