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  • Russian airlines start bypassing Belarus’ airspace

    Russian airlines have started to bypass  Belarus’ airspace, despite the fact that the European restrictions do not apply to them.

    Forbes reports, citing sources in the airline industry, that about 10 Russian flights flew around Belarus as of May 27.

    "It is impossible to give the reasons for the change of routes and whether it is due to political motives," said one of the publication sources. "There may also be technical reasons."

    According to another source, the airlines had asked in advance …

  • Russia accuses UK of 'illegally' inspecting Aeroflot liner in London

    RIA Novosti reports that Russian Foreign Ministry spokesman Maria Zakharova has claimed British police conducted an inspection of a Russian Aeroflot aircraft at London's Heathrow Airport, without showing any grounds for such an inspection.

    She noted that British police and customs officers entered the plane, which was preparing to receive passengers for a flight from London to Moscow. According to Zakharova, the UK has refused to specify the reasons and purposes of the inspection and acted in …