• NATO expels 8 members of Russian mission

    NATO is expelling eight members of the Russian mission from its headquarters, whom it considers to be members of the Russian special services, reported ABC News, citing a senior representative of the North Atlantic Alliance.

    Russians with diplomatic passports who worked at the bloc's mission in Brussels were "undeclared intelligence officers," said the official, who spoke on condition of anonymity. NATO also decided to reduce the size of the Russian mission to 10 people, without commenting on …

  • Putin: European leadership is responsible for soaring gas prices

    Responsibility for the situation in the European gas market, where prices have soared by 600% since the beginning of the year, and on Wednesday approached $ 2,000 per thousand cubic meters, lies on officials of the European Commission, said Russian President Vladimir Putin.

    "The practice of our European partners once again showed that, in fact, they made mistakes. We spoke with the European Commission of the previous composition. All its activities were aimed at curtailing the so-called long- …

  • Israel pledges support to Azerbaijan in conflict with Iran

    Amid the escalating crisis between Iran and Azerbaijan, Baku received a delegation of security forces from Israel. According to the Saudi newspaper Elaph, the Israeli representatives assured the Azerbaijani authorities of support and readiness to provide real assistance in case of aggression from Iran.

    Sources of the publication claim that two F-35 fighters of the Israeli Air Force have been permanently deployed to Azerbaijan. At the same time, Israel is ready to send additional forces to the …

  • European Parliament: Nord Stream 2 must not be certified

    Members of the European Parliament responsible for the development of the current EU gas legislation sent a letter to the German gas market regulator urging it not to certify the Nord Stream-2 gas pipeline.

    According to Bloomberg, MEPs are confident that the project does not meet the key requirement of the third energy package, namely, prohibiting one company to be both the owner of the pipeline and the gas supplier.

    Nord Stream 2 AG, the construction operator and owner of the pipeline laid …

  • Ukrainian troops in Donbas receive anti-drone systems

    Fron-line units of the Ukrainian army received new anti-drone systems which are expected to help them counter drones used by pro-Russian militants to drop explosive devices on the Ukrainian positions, reports the Ukrainian Television News Service (TSN).

    Military journalist Andriy Tsaplienko reported that the Ukrainian military already started using the EDM4S-UA drone mitigation systems, which had been ordered by the Ukrainian Defense Ministry.

    Tsaplienko noted that pro-Russian mercenaries …

  • Russia cuts space program spending

    The Russian government has laid in the draft federal budget for 2022-24 a sharp reduction in funding for the space industry.

    The total amount of funding for the state program "Space Activities of Russia" next year will be cut by 40.3 billion rubles ($560 million), to 210.2 billion ($2.90 billion), follows from the explanatory note to the draft budget bill, published on the State Duma website.

    The reduction of the 250.6 billion rubles ($3.46 billion) space funding by 16%, which was included in …

  • Kremlin finds nothing special in reports about hidden wealth of Putin’s circle

    The Kremlin sees no reason to conduct an audit following the publication of the Pandora Papers, the largest ever investigation into hidden wealth, tax evasion and, in some cases, money laundering by the world's rich and powerful.

    "To be honest, we did not see any hidden wealth of Putin's inner circle there," presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov said at a press briefing.

    According to him, the Kremlin has not yet noticed "anything special" in the data published by the International Consortium …

  • Russia fires Zircon hypersonic missile from submarine

    The Russian military conducted the first test launch of the Zircon hypersonic missile from a submarine, reports Interfax.

    Before, all the tests of Zircon missile were carried out from the ships.

    "The Russian Navy for the first time conducted tests of the Zircon hypersonic missile from the Severodvinsk nuclear submarine. The shooting was carried out on a conditional sea target in the Barents Sea," the Russian Defense Ministry said in a statement.

    The Russian Defense Ministry notes that the …

  • Gazprom resumes gas delivery to Hungary through Ukraine

    According to the data of the Hungarian  gas transmission system operator FGSZ, Russian gas giant Gazprom has resumed gas delivery to Hungary through Ukraine, which was completely stopped on October 3.

    According to FGSZ, the intake of gas through the Berehove station is currently 2.074 million cubic meters per hour.

    On October 1, the Ukrainian Gas Transmission System Operator (OGTSU) reported that the transit of Russian gas to Hungary through Ukrainian territory had been stopped.

    At the same …

  • EU preparing to establish a new military training base in Ukraine

    A military training base of the European Union may soon be established in Ukraine, reports the German newspaper Welt, citing internal documents of the European External Action Service (EEAS).

    The base will provide military training for Ukrainian military personnel amid Russia's "ongoing escalation" on Ukrainian borders.

    In August, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said that Russia had amassed a combat-ready military group of about 100,000 troops near Ukraine.

    Welt noted that the …