• Russian opposition leader Alexei Navanly lambasts Putin’s ‘stupid war’ in Ukraine

    Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny criticized the Kremlin’s invasion of Ukraine, calling it a “stupid” offensive that Russia was losing

    Speaking during an appeal in a Moscow court to overturn a nine-year prison sentence, Navalny continuously broke through the judge’s interruptions to state, “this is a stupid war which your Putin started. This war was built on lies. One madman has got his claws into Ukraine and I do not know what he wants to do with it — this crazy thief.”

    The Moscow …

  • Zelensky: only Putin can make a decision to end war in Ukraine

    Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said he is ready to meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin only if the issue of ending the war is discussed.

    Speaking at the Ukrainian House in Davos, Zelensky noted that after the atrocities committed by the Russian military in Ukrainian cities, in particular in Mariupol, Donetsk region, as well as in Bucha and Irpen in the Kyiv region, there are fewer opportunities for organizing a meeting.

    "Every day it will be more and more difficult to organize …

  • Media: Russian elites unhappy with Putin, discussing three potential candidates to replace him

    Discontent is growing among Russian elites with Russian President Vladimir Putin amid the ongoing full-scale war against Ukraine. The Kremlin leadership hopes for the departure of the Russian president "in the foreseeable future” but believes that this can happen only if his health deteriorates further, writes the newspaper Meduza, citing sources close to the Administration of the Russian President.

    The publication notes that after the April "patriotic upsurge" pessimism has now set in among …

  • NATO Secretary General: Putin made 'big strategic mistake' in invading Ukraine

    NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said Russian President Vladimir Putin “made a big strategic mistake” in invading Ukraine.

    Speaking at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland on Tuesday, Stoltenberg noted that Putin wanted a weak NATO with fewer troops near Russia’s borders, but his actions have strengthened the alliance and is in the process of increasing its membership after Sweden and Finland announced their intention to join NATO.

    The Secretary General noted he’s confident …

  • First Russian soldier receives life sentence for murdering a Ukrainian civilian

    The Solomensky District Court of Kyiv sentenced 21-year-old Russian sergeant Vadim Shishimarin, the first Russian soldier accused of killing an unarmed Ukrainian. The court found him guilty of violating the laws and customs of war, combined with the premeditated murder of a civilian.

    Vadim Shishimarin was detained after being captured in Ukraine and accused of killing 62-year-old resident of the Sumy region Alexander Shelipov. According to Shishimarin, on February 28, his car was driving to …

  • Putin rumored to have undergone cancer surgery

    On the night of May 16 to 17, Russian President Vladimir Putin allegedly underwent a surgery. Doctors insisted that it had to be done quickly, reported the telegram channel General SVR. General SVR Telegram channel is reportedly operated by a general from the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR), who has information inaccessible to the general public. The channel is also believed to be associated with political scientist Valery Solovyov.

    "According to the doctors involved in the …

  • German media: Russian right-wing extremists and neo-Nazis are involved in Russia’s invasion of Ukraine

    Numerous Russian right-wing extremists and neo-Nazis are taking part in the Russian invasion of Ukraine, reports Der Spiegel, citing the German Federal Intelligence Service (BND).

    The report does not contain specific information on the number of representatives of far-right organizations and movements fighting on the side of the Russian army but indicates that "at least two groups with right-wing extremist sentiments" are fighting against Ukraine. These are the "Imperial Legion", a …

  • Lithuania stops all Russian energy imports

    Lithuania is stopping imports of electricity from Russia, announced the Lithuanian operator of the electricity transmission system Litgrid. "The exchange operator Nord Pool has decided to suspend trade in Russian electricity provided by the Inter RAO holding, which is the only importer of Russian electricity to the Baltic countries. From Sunday, Russian electricity will no longer be imported into Lithuania,” the company said.

    "The suspension of electricity trade with Russia will not affect the …

  • Russia has stopped gas supplies to Finland

    Russia has stopped supplying gas to Finland. "Gas imports through the entry point at Imatra have been stopped," said Finnish gas pipelines operator Gasgrid. Finnish state-owned company Gasum also confirmed the fact that gas supplies from Russia had been suspended. "Natural gas supplies to Finland in accordance with the contract have been terminated," the company said in a statement.

    According to Gasum, the Russian gas holding Gazprom announced that it was going to stop supplying gas from 6 a.m. …

  • Germany to send 15 Gepard self-propelled anti-aircraft guns to Ukraine in July

    Germany will deliver 15 Flakpanzer Gepard self-propelled anti-aircraft guns to Ukraine in July.

    Speaking after a meeting Friday between German Defense Minister Christine Lambrecht and her Ukrainian counterpart, Olexii Resnokiv, a Lambrecht said the anti-aircraft system will be used to defend critical infrastructure in Ukraine.

    Germany will provide training support as well as 60,000 rounds of ammunition.

    Lambrecht explained that the Gepard is an effective weapon with a "considerable deterrent …