• Russia imposes retaliatory sanctions on UK and Japan

    The Russian Foreign Ministry announced new sanctions against the United Kingdom and Japan, according to statements posted on the ministry’s website.

    Entry into Russia has been prohibited for 15 British nationals. The Russian Foreign Ministry indicated that the individuals are involved in training Ukrainian military personnel, directing defense companies supplying products or services to Kyiv, and experts and journalists with "anti-Russian" positions on defense issues and Russia's war against …

  • Potential missile strike damages key Russian ferry

    A large ferry with a hull over 100 meters long, capable of transporting railway cars, has seen its engine room damaged, potentially pointing to a missile strike rather than a drone attack, according to military expert Ivan Kirichevskiy.

    Russia has significantly miscalculated in believing they had hindered Ukraine's missile program, said Defense Express military expert Ivan Kirichevskiy on the air of the Espresso TV.

    "We now take it for granted that it's not drones, but rather long-range …

  • Belarus-Germany prisoner swap: Putin plans to retrieve Russian assassin via Lukashenko

    In late June, Belarus sentenced German citizen Rico Krieger to death. Prosecutors charged him with six counts, including terrorism and extremist activities.

    On July 22, the death sentence took effect, yet there is no official confirmation of its execution.

    Deutschen Welle reports, citing its contacts, that Krieger, sentenced by the Minsk Regional Court, is being prepped for a swap involving Russian assassin Vadim Krasikov, who is serving a life sentence in Germany for killing a former Chechen …

  • Kremlin vows retaliation against EU plan to use frozen Russian assets for arming Ukraine

    Kremlin spokesperson Dmitry Peskov has stated that Russia will respond to the European Union’s decision to channel revenues from frozen Russian assets towards military supplies for Ukraine, as reported by RIA Novosti.

    "These funds are not only stolen but are also being used to buy weapons. It's hard to imagine something worse," Peskov remarked.

    He further emphasized that such actions "cannot remain unanswered."

    "Moscow will explore legal options to prosecute those responsible for the …

  • Ukrainian Forces destroy rare $250 million Russian radar system with HIMARS precision strike

    Ukrainian military forces, utilizing HIMARS, successfully struck a high-value, rare target in Russian territory. The attack, believed to have involved GMLRS rockets, is evident in video footage showing an explosion over a radar system, showering it with thousands of tungsten pellets. This strike disabled the advanced Russian artillery reconnaissance system "1K148 Yastreb-AV," which costs approximately $250 million and is scarcely available in the Russian army. The drone recon footage capturing …

  • German Military Chief warns of escalating Russian threat to NATO

    Germany’s highest-ranking military officer, General Inspector of the Bundeswehr, Carsten Breuer, has issued a stark warning about the increasing military danger posed by Russia to Western nations. "We are witnessing the Russian army orienting itself towards the West," Breuer said in an interview with Sächsische Zeitung, as reported by dpa.

    Within the next 5-8 years, the Russian Armed Forces are expected to be equipped and manned in a way that would make an attack on NATO territory viable. …

  • Russian military uses banned ammunition in drone attacks, reports Ukrainian soldier

    Russian forces are employing prohibited ammunition in their drone strikes, according to soldier Yegor Firsov, who emphasized that casualties from such attacks are nearly impossible to save.

    On the Pokrovsk front, the Russian military resort to all kinds of weapons, including those banned by international conventions, said Firsov, the senior sergeant of the 109th assault UAV company, detailed the situation during a national news broadcast.

    He explained that Russians are using every type of …

  • Russia Today Arabic office in Gaza destroyed by IDF amid ongoing conflict

    Russia's state-run television network RT (formerly known as Russia Today) has reported that its Arabic branch office in the Gaza Strip was completely destroyed by Israeli military forces.

    According to Russian media, a member of the Gaza-based team managed to reach the office for the first time since the conflict began. The office is located in Gaza City.

    The report details significant destruction at the site. Eyewitnesses informed the employee, who remains unnamed, that military personnel " …

  • Ukrainian Forces capture Russian positions near Vuhledar in bold nighttime raid

    In a bold nighttime operation, Ukrainian troops equipped with night vision and thermal imaging devices, and supported by drones, captured enemy fortifications in a dramatic assault.

    The elite Skala battalion executed the nighttime raid, driving Russian forces from their positions near Vuhledar. Details of the assault were revealed in a report by Butusov+.

    Soldiers from the 425th Separate Assault Battalion Skala stormed Russian positions using a swift maneuver with the M2 Bradley combat …

  • Intense clashes in Kharkiv region: Ukrainian Forces hold steady amid Russian offensives

    In northern Kharkiv, the Russian military is attempting to displace Ukrainian Armed Forces (AFU) units from their current positions. Despite these attempts, Ukrainian troops are inflicting significant losses on the occupiers, according to Nazar Voloshin, a representative of the "Khortytsia" Operational and Strategic Group of Forces (OSG). The most active combat operations in the Kharkiv region are ongoing in the direction of Hluboke and Vovchansk

    Voloshin noted there's currently no information …