• Merkel Urges Putin to Bring Peace to Donbas

    On Tuesday, German Chancellor Angela Merkel held a telephone conference with President Vladimir Putin, as reported on the website of the Government of Germany.  “The conversation mostly focused on the status of the implementation of the Minsk Agreements.  Merkel had also discussed this topic the previous day with Ukrainian President, Petro Poroshenko, in Berlin,” the statement continued.

    Merkel made it clear to Putin that the Russian government must observe the ceasefire on Ukraine’s eastern …

  • No Comment from the Kremlin on Kadyrov's Latest Controversial Instagram Post

    The Kremlin doesn’t plan to comment on the last Instagram post made by Ramzan Kadyrov, the head of Chechnya. The President’s press secretary, Dmitry Peskov, said that he was not going to comment on those matters, as reported by Interfax.

    "I do not intend to make any comments," said Peskov when answering journalists’ questions as to whether he planned to comment on the posting made by Kadyrov.

    Earlier Peskov promised journalists he would show Kadyrov’s postings on Instagram and give comments …

  • 230 km of anti-tank ditches were dug by Ukraine along border with Russia in 2015

    In 2015, the Russian-Ukrainian border was equipped with 230 km of anti-tank ditches in the Kharkiv and Chernihiv regions.  This was noted in the government’s program performance report in 2015, which was sent to the Verkhovna Rada.

    “Taking into account the priorities of the development of the Russian-Ukrainian border, the regions of Chernihiv and Kharkiv were equipped with 230 km of anti-tank ditches,” the report states.

    It is also reported that a 72 km long metal barrier fence was …

  • DiCaprio to Star as Putin in new Film

    American actor Leonardo DiCaprio has preliminarily agreed to perform the title role in a film about the President of Russia, Vladimir Putin, which is expected to be released in the spring of 2017, as reported by Dozhd, citing sources from the film company Knightsbridge Entertainment.

    According to the company, work on the film about Putin began last year and now the final draft of the script is being approved. Several Hollywood celebrities have been approached to appear in the film. Dozhd was …

  • For Putin, Merkel is the Main Obstacle to the Lifting of Sanctions

    President Vladimir Putin is convinced that the lifting of sanctions against Russia is dependent upon German Chancellor, Angela Merkel.

    This was reported by Deutsche Welle and was based on reports by German political scientist and an expert of the German Council on Foreign Relations, Stefan Meister.  Meister notes that Putin’s administration believes that Merkel has become the main obstacle to the lifting of these sanctions.

    “According to Putin, the main problem is Merkel.  In the event that …

  • EU urges Russia to Respond to Kadyrov's Statements

    The European Union Ambassador in Russia, Vygaudas Usackas, believes that the recent statements made by Kadyrov against members of the Russian opposition "are unacceptable in a democratic society."

    The Ambassador believes that authorities should immediately respond to the statement of the head of Chechnya, Ramzan Kadyrov, against the opposition and the politician Mikhail Kasyanov.

    According to the EU office in Moscow, during a telephone conversation between Usackas and Kasyanov, the Ambassador …

  • Russia issues travel ban on five US officials

    In response to the expansion of the U.S. Treasury’s ‘Magnitsky list,’ Moscow published a list of U.S. citizens "involved in the legalization and use of torture," who are now denied entry into Russia.

    The day after the expansion of Washington's ‘Magnitsky list,’ Moscow retaliated. On Tuesday, February 2nd, the Russian Foreign Ministry published a list of U.S. citizens who are prohibited from entering Russia. All of them are former high ranking officials of the Pentagon, the CIA and the Justice …

  • Unilever Invests in Tea Factory in Ukraine

    One of the world's leading suppliers of food, personal care products, and household products, Unilever, has invested 8.3 million Euros in a tea factory in Gostomel (Kiev region). According to a statement made by the company Unilever Ukraine, the factory should begin operations in the second half of 2016.

    "Unilever will start running its own tea factory in Gostomel. Work on the project was initiated by Unilever in mid 2015, and at the present time the investment made in the tea factory already …

  • Iran Decides Against Purchasing T-90 Russian Tanks

    Iran has withdrawn the procurement of T-90 tanks from Russia from their agenda.  The Commander of Land Forces of the Iranian Army, General Ahmad-Reza Pourdastan, said on Tuesday that Iran will focus on the production of their own tanks. 

    “Due to the fact that our own production facilities completely satisfy our needs, the purchase of the T-90 tanks was removed from the agenda,” Mehr News Agency quoted General Ahmad-Reza Pourdastan as saying.

    At the same time, the General stressed that T-90 …

  • Polish Oil and Gas Company Files Lawsuit against Gazprom

    Polish oil and gas company, PGNiG, has filed a lawsuit in the Court of Arbitration in Stockholm against Gazprom, according to a statement on Monday, February 1st. In May of 2015, PGNiG notified the Russian company of the pending arbitration.

    The subject of the lawsuit is the revision of pricing conditions for a long-term contract signed in 1996 for the purchase of natural gas. The company notes that because of the "confidential nature of the arbitration" it cannot provide details of the …