• Ukrainian Intelligence: 9 Russian soldiers were killed in Marinka

    According to the Directorate of Intelligence of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, nine Russian soldiers have been killed and eight wounded near the town of Marinka in eastern Ukraine.

     “The losses of the Russian occupiers in the Marinka district have been confirmed.  Nine Russian soldiers have died while eight have been injured.  On the 19th of February, the bodies were secretly transported from Donetsk to Russia,” a statement read

    “Taking into account the constant losses of personnel and …

  • UNICEF: More than half a million children ‘deeply affected’ by the conflict in Ukraine

    According to the United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund (UNICEF), the conflict in Ukraine has "considerably affected" the lives of 580,000 children living in the combat zone.

    In a press release, the Fund says that more than one third of these children are in need of psychiatric and social support.

    The conflict between Ukraine and Russia continues despite numerous ceasefire agreements, and more than 9,000 people have died as a result of hostilities since the conflict started in …

  • Amnesty International: Russia is guilty of war crimes in Syria

    Amnesty International says that Russia is guilty of some of the most “egregious” war crimes it has seen in decades.

    The human rights organization told Sky News that over the last week Russian aircraft in Syria have deliberately carried out airstrikes against civilians and rescue workers trying to evacuate the wounded, especially in the city of Aleppo.

    The Director of Amnesty International’s Program on Crisis Response, Tirana Hassan, said that airstrikes on schools, residential areas, and …

  • Freed Ukrainian POWs tell of harsh conditions of imprisonment

    Recently freed Ukrainian POWs said that the conditions of their captivity were very difficult.

    According to the 112 Ukraine media outlet, they had to pay for all of the negative attitudes that separatists have towards the Ukrainian Armed Forces and Ukraine overall.

    The exchange of prisoners took place on Saturday in Marinka, where the former prisoners Sergey Garnaga, Sergey Dmitruk and Alexander Makuha are still located.

    Red Cross representatives have communicated with them and said that …

  • Poroshenko: Russia will never admit Yanukovych's guilt

    Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko has stated that Russia will never admit that the former President of Ukraine, Viktor Yanukovich, and others were responsible for the suppression of anti-governmental protests during the Maidan movement.  Poroshenko said this in a televised address to Ukrainians on the second anniversary of the Maidan Revolution.  He also added that the perpetrators of the violence during the protests will be tried in absentia.

    Poroshenko has stated that the Verkhovna Rada …

  • Crimean Tatar Mejlis Chairman calls on Ukrainians to vote for singer of Tatar descent at Eurovision

    The Chairman of the Mejlis of the Crimean Tatar People, Refat Chubarov, has called on Ukrainians to cast their votes in favor of Jamala, a Ukrainian singer of Crimean Tatar descent, at the Eurovision Song Contest.  He posted this on his Facebook page on February 20th, as Krym.Reallii reported.

    According to Chubarov, the Russian media as well as media in Moscow-controlled territories, have waged psychological warfare aimed at belittling Jamala.

    “Russian chauvinists ranging from unknown people …

  • US State Department calls on Kiev to accelerate reforms and root out corruption

    The US State Department issued a press release on February 20th, the second anniversary of the Maidan Revolution in Ukraine, and called for Kiev to accelerate reforms and follow the framework set forth by the IMF.

    “The United States calls on Ukraine’s leaders to honor the memory of the Maidan by working together, accelerating reform, and respecting the will of the Ukrainian people who want progress. That means fulfilling the conditions of Ukraine’s IMF program, rooting out corruption, and …

  • Construction of Kerch Strait Bridge from Russia to Crimea to Cost $2.8 Billion

    Russia has approved the construction cost of the Kerch Bridge. The Main State Expert Review Board gave its positive consideration to the construction project of the bridge to Crimea and confirmed the accuracy of the estimated cost, Rosavtodor reported.

    According to the report, the cost of the construction project will be 211.9 billion Roubles (approximately $2.8 billion). It is 680 million Roubles lower than the budget ceiling established by the Government of the Russian Federation a year ago. …

  • Poll shows that more than half of Russians think Nemtsov's assassins will never be found

    A survey conducted by the Russian polling organization, Levada Center, has revealed that 52% of Russians believe that participants in the murder of Boris Nemtsov will never be found.  Only 10% were sure that they would be apprehended.  This was reported by the Kommersant daily newspaper.

    A quarter of the survey takers think that the truth about the assassination will never be known.  Many believe that random people will be appointed as guilty.  The survey also showed that 22% think that the  …

  • Russian court refuses to recognize PARNAS as an injured party in the Boris Nemtsov case

    On Friday, February 19, Moscow's Basmanny Court dismissed PARNAS's complaint concerning the refusal of the authorities to recognize it as an injured party in the case of the murder of the party's co-chairman, Boris Nemtsov.

    The PARNAS party claims that Nemtsov was their largest contributor, so they have suffered material damage as a result of his assassination. According to the representative of Parnas, lawyer Vadim Prokhorov, the law allows legal entities to be recognized as an injured party …