97% of Russians earn less than minimum-wage McDonald's employee in U.S.

McDonald's Corp. will raise the wages of workers at its U.S. locations, CNBC reported.

Non-administrative staff at about 660 McDonald's restaurants in the U.S. will receive $11-17 an hour, and supervisors will receive $15-20 per hour.

About 36,000 people will get the 10% pay raise.

As a result, even the lowest-paid full-time McDonald's employee will receive $1,760 a month.

At the current exchange rate, it is about 130,000 rubles, which is more than the monthly income of 97.3% of the Russian population, according to the data of the Russian Federal State Statistics Service, Rosstat.

According to Rosstat’s statistics, at the end of the first quarter, only 2.7% of Russian residents received more than 100,000 rubles ($1,352) per month.

Only 6.4% of Russians had income of 75,000 rubles per month, while 80.1% earned less than 45,000. More than half - 53.7% - lived on the amount of less than 27 thousand rubles a month, that is 12 dollars a day.

One in three - 34.5% - has an income of up to 19 thousand rubles ($257), that is, forced to live on 633 rubles, or 8.4 dollars a day.

One in five - 20.4% - receives up to 14 thousand rubles, or 6.2 dollars a day, and 9.7% of the population's income does not exceed 10 thousand rubles per month.

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