• Portuguese spy arrested for passing NATO secrets to Russia

    In Rome, state security officials arrested a Portuguese citizen who provided Russian intelligence officials with secret documents from NATO. A Russian citizen was also arrested, as reported by Expresso on May 23rd.

    The arrested person was a Portuguese citizen, Frederico Carvalhão, who is a member of Portugal’s SIS intelligence service. He was accused of selling sensitive information relating to NATO and the European Union.

    It was mentioned that Carvalhão had been leaving Portugal in order to …

  • The Kremlin: NATO is a tool for confrontation

    Dmitry Peskov, the Press Secretary for Russian President Vladimir Putin, stated that NATO is a tool created for confrontation. RIA Novosti quotes Peskov as saying “NATO is a product of confrontational times. It is a tool created for confrontation.”

    “What valuable contribution to ensuring pan-European stability and security can be made by a tool created exclusively for confrontation? This issue is controversial,” Peskov believes. “As before, we note with greatest regret the expansion of NATO’s …

  • US attorney wants to sue Putin for downing of MH17

    Jerry Skinner, a US attorney, hopes to lay out a case against Russian President Vladimir Putin with the European Court of Human Rights. He wants to sue Putin for $330 million in compensation for relatives of the victims of the MH17 disaster. He wants Putin to be held accountable for shooting down the Malaysia Airlines plane while it was flying over the Donbas region in July 2014.

    According to Reuters, Skinner, through the Australian LHD law firm, represents the relatives of the victims. …

  • NATO jets were scrambled to intercept Russian aircraft 9 times in a week

    Last week, aircraft from the NATO air policing mission in the Baltic States were scrambled to identify and escort Russian military aircraft nine times. Estonian daily newspaper Postimees referred to the Estonian Ministry of Defense as their source. On the 16th of May, Russian IL-20s  and AN-26s flew in the international airspace over the Baltic Sea towards the Kaliningrad region.

    On the 17th of May, fighter jets were scrambled to identify and escort more IL-20’s and two Su-27 fighters. The IL-2 …

  • Switzerland sends humanitarian aid to the Donbas

    Two convoys with medicine and materials for water purification were delivered from Switzerland to the east of Ukraine, as announced by the Swiss government.

    As the government explained, a train carrying supplies for water treatment went from Switzerland to Donetsk on Sunday morning.

    "The goods are intended for water pumping stations in the Donbas region which provide drinking water to the population on both sides of the line of contact," the message states. In addition, medical supplies, in …