• International donors pledge 87 million euros for projects in the Chernobyl zone

    Ukraine will receive 87.4 million euros from international donors for projects in the Chernobyl zone, according to results from the donor conference.

    International donors pledged an additional contribution of 87.4 million euros to the Nuclear Safety Account of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) to finance projects in the Chernobyl exclusion zone. The Ambassador of Japan in Ukraine, Shigeki Sumi, discussed the results of the donor conference at a briefing in Kiev on …

  • NATO jets intercepted Russian aircraft on three occasions last week

    NATO jets had to intercept Russian aircraft in the international zone over the Baltic Sea three times last week. This was stated in the weekly report of the Ministry of National Defense of the Republic of Lithuania.

    "During the week of April 18 to 24, 2016, NATO fighter jets in the Baltic States had to intercept Russian aircraft that were flying in the international zone over the Baltic Sea three times," the message stated.

    The first interception occurred on April 18, 2016, when a Russian …

  • Russia to spend 850 million euro on the restoration of Syrian infrastructure

    On Monday, April 25th, RIA Novosti reported that Russia and Syria signed an agreement on the restoration of Syrian infrastructure worth 850 million euros. RIA Novosti credited the information to the Prime Minister of Syria, Wael Nader Al-Halqi.

    "The Russian side responded to the idea of restoration of infrastructure, because of which a lot of deals were signed with the Russian Federation, including agreements worth 600 million euros and 250 million euros," Al-Halqi was quoted as saying.

    The …

  • U.S. and Belarus are ready to discuss the return of ambassadors

    The senior American diplomat in Belarus, Scott Roland, and the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Belarus, Vladimir Mackay, declared on April 25th that their countries are ready to discuss the possible return of ambassadors to Minsk and to Washington.

    Mackay told journalists in Minsk that "there is a readiness on both sides for complete normalization of our relations.”

    The Foreign Minister of Belarus said that the United States and his country "shouldn't look at each other through gun sights, but …

  • Scaparotti: The US has to be ready for war with Russia

    The next Supreme Allied Commander of NATO, four-star General, Curtis Scaparrotti, speaking at the special hearing of the Senate Committee on the Armed Forces, stated that the U.S.A. has to be ready for all scenarios, including military action, in dealing with Russia. Senators were especially interested in the possible confrontation with Moscow in connection with the flight of the Russian Su-24 fighter over the Destroyer Donald Cook in the Baltic Sea.

    The Chairman of the Senate Armed Services …