• NATO exercises begin in the Baltic Sea

    The Naval exercise, BALTOPS 2016, led by NATO started on June 3rd in the southern part of the Baltic Sea near the coasts of Sweden, Denmark and Poland, Delfi.lt reports. BALTOPS (Baltic Operations) exercises have been carried out since 1971. In 2016, training will be held from June 3rd to the 18th. They began on Friday in the Estonian waters of the Baltic Sea.

    A total of 50 ships from 18 NATO nations and alliance partners will take part in the maneuvers, as well as 60 aircraft, helicopters and …

  • Russia will not supply offensive weapons to Iran

    Russia will not supply offensive weapons to Iran despite Tehran’s interest in purchasing Russian tanks and fighter jets, the CEO of Rostec Corporation, Sergey Chemezov, stated during an interview with Kommersant.

    According to him, sanctions, which were imposed by the UN Security Council, prohibit the of supply such weapons to Iran. At the same time, Chemezov reported that supplies of armaments that aren’t subject to these restrictions, such as air defense systems, will continue.  

    In …

  • Russian warship spotted near Latvian maritime border

    The Armed Forces of Latvia recorded Russian warship near the borders of the country, the National Armed Forces of Latvia reported on Twitter. On Friday, a Russian frigate of the latest class of corvettes of the Russian Navy, the Stergushchy (Watchful) class, was detected 4.5 nautical miles from Latvian waters, the statement read.

    Since the start of the conflict in Ukraine and the deterioration of relations between Russia and the West, Russian warships and aircraft have been increasingly …

  • US State Deparment calls for ending human rights violations in eastern Ukraine

    The US State Department has called on Russian-backed separatists in eastern Ukraine to stop human rights abuses, while at the same time appealing to the Ukrainian Government to investigate cases of human rights violations that were referred to in a recent UN report.

    This was stated by Deputy Spokesman of the State Department Mark Toner during a daily briefing on Friday.

    "We once again call on the so-called authorities in the separatist-controlled areas to cease their human rights abuses, …

  • US Abrams tanks to arrive in Latvia for NATO exercises

    US Abrams tanks will arrive in Riga on Saturday to participate in the Saber Strike 2016 exercises, Evropeyskaya Pravda reported with reference to Delfi.

    Residents of Riga have been notified that a column of armored vehicles, including Abrams tanks, will be transported from the Port of Riga to the exercise cite in Ādaži.

    The Commander of the National Armed Forces of Latvia, Raimonds Graube, stressed that the exercises are not aimed at provoking Russia, as the NATO drills are on a much smaller …