• Parliament of German city could vote to lift sanctions on Russia

    The Left Faction of the Parliament of the German city of Quakenbrück (Lower Saxony) has submitted a request to recognize the Crimea as part of Russia and abolish the anti-Russian sanctions as reported by the Chairman of the Left Parliamentary Faction, Andreas Maurer, during his visit to the Russian-occupied Crimea, RIA Novosti reports.

    "We can ask the same questions that were raised in Italy. I thought I should to turn to my colleagues in eastern Germany, as they have the most votes in …

  • Ukraine offers joint production of rocket engines with US to replace Russian models

    Ukraine has proposed a joint development and production of a rocket engine designed to replace Russian models that are currently used for the launch of U.S. military satellites, Radio Svoboda reported.

    On the 31st of May, the Head of the State Space Agency of Ukraine, Luybomyr Sabadosh stated that he proposed a plan to replace Russian RD-180 rocket engines during his visit to the U.S.A. Congress decided to stop using RD-180 engines until 2019.

    “This is a challenging task but we can handle it,” …

  • Ukraine begins criminal proceedings over power bridge between Russia and Crimea

    A criminal case is being investigated under the article ‘Violation of the order of entry in the temporarily occupied territory of Ukraine and departure from it.’

    As was reported by the General Prosecutor’s office to the weekly Tyzhden, the Security Service of Ukraine, under the supervision of the Prosecutor’s Office of the Kherson region, has started criminal proceedings based on the construction of a power bridge to Crimea by Chinese vessel JIAN JI 3001.

    "Despite the existing ban, the …

  • Mingarelli to become next EU Ambassador to Ukraine

    The European External Action Service has finally decided on a candidate to replace Jan Tombiński as Head of the Delegation of the European Union to Ukraine. Italian citizen Hugues Mingarelli, who prevailed over other candidates in internal competition, will become the new Ambassador to Ukraine, European Pravda reported.

    “Since 2012, Mingarelli has been responsible for the 'hot' Mediterranean region in the European External Action Service, including Syria, where full-scale civil war continues …

  • Ukrainian Ambassador calls on Germany to condemn visit of German politician to Crimea

    Ukraine’s Ambassador to Germany, Andriy Melnyk, has urged the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs to condemn the visit of German politician, Andreas Maurer, to Crimea.

    Melnyk wrote this on Twitter.

    “I urge the German Foreign Ministry to strongly condemn the illegal visit of Andreas Maurer, a member of the Left Party, to Crimea. They should also condemn other illegal visits,” Melnyk wrote.

    Since last week, the Russian media and Russian-controlled Crimean officials have been reporting on the …