US Navy Officer: delivery of Javelin missile systems to Ukraine is only a symbolic step

In a broadcast of the program Edge of War, US Navy Captain (Ret.) Gary Tabach expressed the view that the US allocation of Javelin anti-tank missile systems to Ukraine is more a symbol than a necessity.

"I believe that this is more of a symbol that shows that the US and President Donald Trump are very serious about this and are ready to give weapons that can strike Russian tanks. This is a small amount of Javelin [weapons] and shells for them, but Ukraine does not need them; Ukraine cannot be caught already unprepared, does not expect an attack," Tabach said, noting that the Ukrainians are already "sitting and waiting for this. "

He believes that this decision should strengthen military cooperation between Ukraine and other countries.

"This shows that many countries already want to encourage and assist Ukraine. [Such as] Poland ... [and] Israel, which has very tense relations with the Russian Federation. Russia is isolated. "

The Captain noted that Russia acts using a proven method: it first creates a problem in some region, then says: "Without us you cannot solve it; you must have a dialogue and negotiate with us."

But this tactic, in Tabach's opinion, has already come to an end.

"I think that the moment has come when the West understands that it is very difficult to reach an agreement. We do not need to negotiate any more, but Russia [needs to negotiate] with us if it wants to continue to exist in a civilized world and not be isolated like Iran and North Korea," he stressed.

The US Javelin anti-tank missile systems arrived in Ukraine on April 30.

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