Ukrainian President Zelensky withdraws from his business as promised during the election campaign

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has kept the promise that he made during his election campaign and has transferred his company shares to three advisors and partners, reports, citing the Unified State Registry.

In this way, Serhiy Shefir, first assistant to the president, received a share in eight companies. His elder brother, Boris Shefir, editor-in-chief and screenwriter for Kvartal-95 Studio, received shares in two companies.

At present, Serhiy Shefir is the sole owner of Kvartal-95 Studio (the production company), and his brother Boris is the director.

Zelensky also gave shares in the Kvartal-95 Studio construction organization to Serhiy Shefir. Apart from Serhiy and his brother Boris, the company’s other owners include Yuriy Makhovsky and Andriy Kharlamov.

The first presidential advisor was also given a package of Zelensky’s shares in the company Kvartal TV (an entertainment channel that falls under 1+1 Media). His elder brother Boris became the director of this company too.

Zelensky’s package of shares in the company Animation Studio (which produces animated feature films) was split between the Shefir brothers, who now hold 45% each.

Zelensky’s share in the company “Kvartal Concert” (which organizes concerts and tours) were transferred to Serhiy Shefir at the end of March. The other co-owners include Boris Shefir, Andriy Yakovlev and Maksym Tkachenko, an MP from the Servant of the People party.

In May, the film company KinoKvartal was completely transferred to Serhiy Shefir, who now owns 100% of the shares. Zelensky’s share in the restaurant “Fish House” has also been transferred to Serhiy Shefir. The other shareholders include Kvartal 95 actor and writer Alexander Pikalov (15%), Svetlana Belyaeva (20%), Natalya Lazutina (20%), and Boris Shefir (15%).

Among other things, Serhiy Shefir has also replaced Zelensky on the list of owners of the TV show production company Gaudi Studio. Half of the business belongs to the filmmaker Alan Badoyev (50%). Zelensky’s share in the company “Invest Anima” (an audiovisual recording company) were also transferred to Serhiy Shifer. The other beneficiaries include Boris Shefir (12.5%) and Andriy Yakovlev (12.5%). 50% of the company is administered by “Aktiv-Invest”.

Recently Volodymyr Zelensky submitted an electronic declaration on his income in 2018, including in it his expensive offshore residences and surprising bank balances.

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