Ukrainian Intelligence withdraws from CIS Intelligence Services Cooperation Agreement

The Foreign Intelligence Service of Ukraine (FISU) reported on its website that it started the procedure for withdrawing from the Agreement on the principles and basic directions of cooperation between security agencies and intelligence services, which was signed by the CIS member states in 1992.

"The participation of Ukrainian intelligence in this agreement along with the Russian special services is absurd, given the armed aggression of the Russian Federation against Ukraine, which has been ongoing for the fifth year. The Ukrainian intelligence is certain that , in 2014, Russian intelligence services used their most powerful resources to prevent Ukraine from leaving the orbit of Kremlin’s influence. It is becoming obvious that the Russian Federation’s special services had been conducting a large-scale operation in Ukraine long before the open-armed attack on our country in 2014, "- the statement reads.

The Ukrainian Foreign Intelligence Service also noted that Russian special services extended their intelligence and subversive activities to the NATO member countries, as evidenced by notorious espionage scandals.

"The FISU, together with its partners in the Euro-Atlantic intelligence community, will continue active work aimed at identifying and neutralizing destructive activities of the Russian special services," says the statement.

The decree on the termination of the treaty of friendship with Russia was officially published in the Ukrainian parliamentary newspaper and comes into force on December 12.

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