Ukraine ends agreement with Russia on specialization of companies producing military products

The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine has terminated the intergovernmental agreement with Russia to preserve the specialization of companies and organizations engaging in military-related manufacturing.

The relevant decision was made at a government session.

The agreement was signed in Moscow on December 21, 2000, and came into force on March 4, 2005.

According to the document, the parties undertake to facilitate the preservation of the manufacturing and technological specialization of companies and organizations involved in the development, manufacturing and testing of weapons and military equipment, offering military-related service, and supplying the materials, intermediate products, components, as well as training and auxiliary assets.

However, article No. 10 of the document states that the termination of this agreement does not influence the obligations of the parties’ economic entities according to contracts made as part of the agreement during its validity, unless the parties agreed otherwise.

In August, the Cabinet of Ministers terminated the intergovernmental agreement with Russia regarding the order of cooperation in the export of military products to third countries.

  Ukraine, Russia