U.S. imposes sanctions against Ukrainian airline

The United States of America has added Ukrainian company Dart Airlines to the list of sanctioned companies because of its cooperation with Iranian Caspian Air airlines, as reported on the website of the United States Federal Register.

Sanctions against Iran were applied to the Ukrainian carrier because of its cooperation with the Iranian airline Caspian Air.

“For providing assistance, funding or providing financial, material, technologic support or financial or any other services to support Iranian Caspian Air,” explained the Office of Foreign Assets Control.
The sanctions against the Ukrainian airline officially go into effect on June 7.

In September of last year, the United States imposed sanctions against two Ukrainian airlines, Dart Airlines and Kors Air, for cooperation with Iranian carriers.

At the beginning of the year it became known that Dart had stopped operating its own flights due to low cargo loads.

Later, the Ukrainian air carrier decided to return to the market under a new brand.

Dart Airlines has been a charter airline since 1997. Its fleet includes the Bombardier Learjet 60, Airbus 320, and Boeing 737-300/500.

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