Serbia threatens to expel Ukrainian Ambassador

The Serbian Ministry of Foreign Affairs criticized the Ambassador of Ukraine Aleksandr Aleksandrovich after his statement that Belgrade is completely subordinate to Moscow, as stated by the State Secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Serbia Ivica Toncev, RTS reports.

Serbia feels that such a statement by an ambassador can be regarded as another attempt by the Ukrainian embassy to worsen relations between Serbia and Russia. Toncev said that the Ukrainian ambassador in Serbia had forgotten that the role of diplomats was to improve bilateral relations.

“He stated, without any proof, that Serbia was involved in the destabilization of Macedonia, the creation of tensions with Croatia, and the participation of Serb extremists in an attempted coup in Montenegro… Of course, he did not miss the opportunity to repeat the already well-known statement of a Western diplomat sitting on two chairs. Fortunately, the interview was not longer, because Serbia would probably have been accused of causing the Second World War – of course, in cooperation with Moscow,” he added.

If the Ukrainian ambassador continues to go beyond the guidelines of the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations, Toncev said, the Serbian government will appeal to the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry to apply steps that are “usual for such situations.”

  Serbia, Ukraine