Security Service of Ukraine: three groups of Russian saboteurs were neutralized in the last month

Vasyl Hrytsak, head of the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) announced at a briefing in Kyiv that in the last month the Ukrainian intelligence agency has detained three groups of Russian saboteurs.

“In Kharkiv on July 17 we arrested the leader and main perpetrator of such a group which was created by the Main Directorate of the Russian General Staff. They received the mission of assassinating several Ukrainian public and state figures,” he announced. A quadcopter was supposed to be used for one of the assassinations.

He did not mention the names of the arrested.

“The next group was arrested on July 13 in Mariupol. This group planned to blow up one of the divisions of the National Guard. The group’s members were detained just as they were placing an anti-personnel mine near this division. This is a mine of Russian manufacturing, it’s called a POM-2P1,” he said.

“We already reported that we arrested the two saboteurs who brought about the explosion of the car in the city of Odessa on July 24 this year. The person who blew up this car was arrested on the same day. The person who helped him was arrested while leaving to the uncontrolled territory,” Hrytsak explained.

At the start of August, the Odessa saboteur was given 13 years of imprisonment for preparing the bomb. The man belonged to a group which was neutralized in 2015.


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