Russian Ministry of Defense: 15,000 schoolchildren in the southern regions of Russia joint 'Young Army' youth movement

In the territory of the Southern Military District of Russia, which includes the annexed Crimea, 15,000 young men and women are members of the "Yunarmia” (Young Army) youth movement, as reported by the press service of the Russian Defense Ministry.
According to its information, more than 200 regional branches of the Yunarmia movement were registered on the district’s territory. The Defense Ministry intends to establish clubs and military units with military registration specialties for the young people.

"The new direction of military-patriotic education of youth will enable young men and women to get acquainted with military disciplines in practice, and choose the most interesting for detailed study," the Press Service cited the Chairman of the National Association of Reserve Officers, Alexander Kanshin, as saying.

The Ministry of Defense of Russia, in cooperation with the Kremlin-controlled authorities of the Crimea, created a section of the Russian military-patriotic movement Yunarmia on the peninsula.

The primary forms of activity in the youth movement are declared to be youth military sports games, child and youth military-patriotic clubs, sports games for military-applied sports, as well as "memorial watches" of obelisks and memorials.

  Yunarmia youth movement, Russia