Russia to analyze undetonated US missiles found in Syria to improve own systems

Russian specialists are studying two cruise missiles which failed to detonate during the missile strike on Syria on April 14,RIA Novosti reported with reference to Viktor Murakhovsky, a member of the expert council of the Military and Industrial Commission.

According to Murakhovsky, specialists will be able to learn about the latest developments in the missiles, and improve the Russian anti-missile defense and electronic warfare systems accordingly.

“These findings could be very helpful for our country. The Russian specialists will not copy the western weapon models, since we have our own lines of development, but it will be interesting for them to familiarize themselves with the latest western developments in this area. Some of the missiles used in the strike on Syria were not new, but others were used for the first time,” Murakhovsky noted.

According to him, France and Britain used “fairly new” missiles in the strike on April 14. Russia is also interested in the American Tomahawk Block IV and the JASSM-ER that was used for the first time.

Earlier a TASS source in the Syrian military department said that Syria has given Russia two cruise missiles which failed to detonate. According to the source, the Russian soldiers received both missiles “in fairly good condition” on April 17. The missiles were sent to Russia the following day.

The US, France and Britain carried out a missile attack against facilities in Syria on April 14. The action was motivated by the chemical attack in the Syrian city of Douma. US President Donald Trump said that a decision had been made to use new “smart” missiles in the attack.

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