Russia imposes sanctions against North Korea

President Vladimir Putin signed a decree adopting UN Security Council Resolution 2321in Russia. The decree was published on the official portal of legal information.

“In accordance with the adopted resolution, in order to suppress the development and supply of resources to the forbidden programs in North Korea, additional international sanctions are being imposed that limit cooperation with that country in the areas of military technology, economic trade, finance, transport and education,” the document says.

Restrictions are also being extended to 11 citizens of North Korea and ten legal entities. North Korea has been banned from buying copper, nickel, silver and zinc.

On a separate list are luxury goods that are prohibited to buy or sell, including carpets costing more than $500 and porcelain dishes costing more than $1000.
According to the decree, every diplomatic mission or consular office of North Korea in Russia must reduce the number of bank accounts to one per organization. North Korea is prohibited from using property for anything other than diplomatic purposes.

Scientific and technical cooperation with representatives of North Korea “should be suspended.” An exception is cooperation in the field of medicine, as well as in the fields of nuclear science and technology, aerospace engineering and aviation technology or advanced manufacturing technologies and methods. At the same time, the consent of the commission is needed for cooperation in these areas, and it has determined that it will not contribute to the development of North Korea’s nuclear program.

Restrictions are also being introduced in the transport sector. Shipments of helicopters and sea vessels to North Korea are banned, and all North Korean ships are to be removed from state registration.

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