Putin: Russia's military bases in Arctic established for good

Russia will not threaten anyone with weapons from the Arctic but it will ensure its security based on its territorial strength, stated Russian President Vladimir Putin in the documentary titled “Putin” by Andrey Kondrashov.

The Russian leader noted that Russians have not only returned to the Arctic but “have settled again and firmly.” The newest system for tracking launches of rockets has been set up on an air defense base established in the Arctic region. The airfield is being constructed on the New Siberian Islands.

Responding to the question of whether now Russia would threaten others from the Arctic, Putin answered: “We are not going to threaten anyone but, using our advantages, in this case advantages of territorial nature, we will ensure the security of Russia and its citizens. In this regard, the Arctic region is crucial for Russia.”

The Russian President spoke about the recent visit to Franz Josef Land where scientists told him about tours conducted there for Western tourists. Scientists noted that guides told tourists that these are “the islands that once belonged to the Soviet Union.” “That is, they started allegedly to write these territories off but we never game them to anyone,” Putin said.

Putin also noted that American nuclear submarines are constantly on duty in the Norwegian Sea off the coasts of Norway. He mused that submarine-launched Trident missiles from that area would take a mere 15 minutes to reach Moscow.

Andrey Kondrashov, who became press-secretary of Putin’s election campaign team, produced a documentary about the Russian President. The film is made of interviews of people who have known the President well and for a long time.

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