Russia abandons new Borei-B nuclear submarine

Project 955B, centered around the strategic Borei-B nuclear-powered submarine, was not included in the Russian state armament program for 2018-2027, reported TASS news agency, citing a source in the defense industrial complex.

“After analyzing proposals for the production of the Borei-B nuclear submarine, a decision was made to abandon the project, since building the submarines is not considered ‘cost-effective.’ Instead, the final version of the state armament program, which goes to 2027, includes the Borei-A [submarine],” the source said.

According to the information received, “the construction of a new series of submarines – the 955A project – will begin at Sevmash after 2023….In total, the plan is to build six Borei-A [submarines], which will serve in the Northern and Pacific fleets. With the completion of this series, the Navy will have 14 new strategic nuclear submarines: 11 Borei-A class, and three Borei class,” the agency’s source said.

Earlier, the Russian Federation planned that, beginning in 2018, Project 955B would  upgrade submarines with a new water jet propulsion device and airborne equipment.

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