Prosecutor General's Office of Ukraine: Assets of the son of Ukrainian fugitive Prime Minister Azarov seized in three counties

As part of the criminal investigation against Oleksiy Azarov, the son of the former Prime Minister of Ukraine, Mykola Azarov, his property and bank accounts in Ukraine, Italy, and Switzerland were seized, as stated in the Prosecutor General's Office response to the request of UNN (Ukrainian National News).

"During the pre-trial investigation, the property belonging to O.M. Azarov was seized, namely land plots and houses in Ukraine and the Italian Republic. Vehicles, as well as cash in the business accounts, whose beneficial owner is O.M. Azarov, in banks located in the Swiss Confederation," the response read.

In addition, according to the Prosecutor General's Office, inquiries about international legal assistance were sent to the authorities of several other European states in order to find out about property and accounts owned by the former Premier’s son that may exist in banks of these countries.

The department specified that they have been investigating the criminal allegations against Azarov from December 31, 2014.

Earlier, the Prosecutor General's Office reported that they were investigating a criminal case based on Olexiy Azarov receiving large, unlawful profits, namely: 7,700,000 euros, 600,000 Swiss francs, 500,000 dollars, and that he is being charged with a criminal offense under Part 3 Art. 368-2 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine.

  Azarov, Prosecutor General's Office, Ukraine