Prime Minister of Italy wants Russia to return to G8

Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte supported the proposal of the President of the USA, Donald Trump regarding the necessity of Russia’s return to the Group of Eight.

“I agree with the US President, Donald Trump. Russia should return to the Group of Eight. It is in everyone’s interest”, — Italian Prime Minister wrote on his Twitter.

During the Summit of the Group of Eight in Canada, the US President spoke in support of restoring Russian in the Group of Eight.

Earlier, during his speech at the Senate, the Italian Prime Minister said that he was in favor of revising the system of European sanctions against Russia.

"We will become advocates of openness towards Russia, which has strengthened its international role in resolving various geopolitical crises in recent years. We will become the initiators of a review of the sanctions system, starting with those that oppress civil society in Russia," Conte said, speaking in the Senate.

Russia was excluded from the group of countries with   the largest economies after the annexation of the Ukrainian Crimea in 2014. Great Britain, Germany, Italy, Canada, the USA, France and Japan remain in G7.

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