President of Serbia called for reducing tension in relations with Ukraine

Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić stated that it is important to reduce the tension in relations with Ukraine and develop friendly relations, news portal reports.

Reporters asked Vučić if he believes that the diplomatic conflict between Ukraine and Serbia has been alleviated after Kyiv held consultations with the Ukrainian ambassador in Belgrade, and Belgrade called its ambassador to Kyiv to talk.

Vučić replied that he hoped to resolve the conflict as soon as possible. According to him, Ukrainians are friendly to the Serbs, as Serbs are to the Ukrainians.

The Serbian president added that he does not want to comment on anyone’s statements and that the authorities in Serbia are doing their job.

“It is important to calm down and continue to develop friendly relations, and if I have the opportunity, I will do everything in my power,” Vučić said.

Two days ago, Belgrade urgently recalled its ambassador from Kyiv to discuss current relations with Ukraine. This was a response to the actions of Ukraine that the other day recalled its ambassador from Serbia.

The cause of this was the harsh statements of Ukrainian Ambassador Aleksandr Aleksandrovich, who called Serbia an instrument in the hands of Russia. Belgrade threatened to declare the Ukrainian diplomat persona non grata.

  Serbia, Ukraine