Ukrainian President Poroshenko to participate in testing of Javelin missile systems

Iryna Lutsenko, an MP from the Petro Poroshenko Solidarity Bloc and Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko’s Representative to the Verkhovna Rada, said during the Coordination Board meeting that Poroshenko will participate in testing of the Javelin systems through the end of May.

"The past two weeks have brought results on the part of the President. First of all, [there is] the strengthening of sanctions on the part of the US, [as well as the] continuation and expansion [of the sanctions] in the EU and Ukraine. [There is also] the delivery of American Javelins to Ukraine, which reiterates the weakening of the Russian Federation in the international arena. The Ukrainian President plans to take part in the testing of the Javelins at our training grounds through the end of May," Lutsenko told RBK-Ukraine.

The US State Department earlier confirmed the delivery of American-produced Javelin-class anti-tank missile systems to Ukraine. The delivery of the systems was also confirmed by President Poroshenko.

It was initially reported that Ukraine would purchase 210 Javelin-class anti-tank missiles and corresponding portable launch complexes, valued at US$47 million, from the United States. Later on, US Ambassador to Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch said that the US government would provide Ukraine with weapons, including the Javelin anti-tank complexes, for free.

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