Ukrainian President: there will be no Nord Stream-2 pipeline

Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko said that he believes the Russian gas pipeline Nord Stream 2 will not be built.

“I believe that Nord Stream 2 will not affect the Ukrainian economy much, because it will not exist. I am sure that we can stop it with joint efforts,” he stated at a meeting with Taras Shevchenko National University students of the Faculty of Law in Kyiv, during a Q&A session.

“The very best lawyers who represent Ukraine have now seized the assets of [Gazprom] in Britain, the Netherlands, in the US—and in the near future, in Switzerland,” he stated.

On June 5, Naftogaz reported that the Dutch court granted their request for the seizure of Gazprom’s shares in its Dutch subsidiaries. Petitions were filed to secure the right of Naftogaz to receive 2.6 billion dollars in accordance with the decision of the Stockholm Arbitration, adopted in February 2018. Six out of the seven subsidiaries of Gazprom in the Netherlands refused to cooperate with judicial executors.

Naftogaz reported that it initiated the seizure of assets in other jurisdictions, including Gazprom’s shares in Nord Stream and Nord Stream 2. The Swiss court fulfilled the request of Naftogaz. 

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