Ukrainian President: Nord Stream 2 pipleline has no economic sense

President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko stated on Twitter that the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline project does not make any sense in economic terms. 
“It is solely a political project. We use all available means to stop the monopolization of the European market and to protect the interests of the whole EU,” Poroshenko wrote. 
Earlier, the Member of the Board of the Ukrainian State Agency on Energy Efficiency and Energy Saving, Maria Yakovleva stated that, according to the decision of the Stockholm Arbitration Court, Ukraine can seize 35% assets of Nord Stream 2 as part of debt recovery from Russia.  
Estonia's Minister of Foreign Affairs, Sven Mikser also called on to the pipeline construction to stop because he considers this project Russia’s intervention tool into European politics.   
The Nord Stream 2 project involves the construction of two gas pipeline strings from the Russian coast to Germany via the Baltic Sea floor. It will be 1,200 kilometers long and its total capacity will be 55 billion cubic meters per year.

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