Poroshenko: opinions of Ukrainian partners on the Anti-Corruption Court is not the final truth

President Petro Poroshenko believes that Kyiv should listen to the recommendations of the anti-corruption court as long as the draft law complies with the legislation of Ukraine, as he explained in responding to a question by Evropeyska Pravda.

The President stressed that there is no alternatives to the adoption of this bill.

"I will do everything possible for the bill to pass, so that the correct wording is found, but also so that this bill is in accordance with the Ukrainian Constitution and Ukrainian legislation."

He stressed the importance of the recommendations of international partners, but noted that Ukraine will not be listening to them without alternatives.

"No one's opinion is definitive for us ... This is confirmed by my meetings with the leadership of the IMF, and with international partners," he said.

At the same time, Poroshenko himself does not intend to initiate changes to the project. "Today, the bill is before the parliament, not at the Presidential level," he explained.

Earlier, the IMF said that Poroshenko’s draft law on the Anti-Corruption Court contradicts the obligations of Ukraine.

Subsequently, the IMF reminded once again that the Presidential draft law on the creation of the Anti-Corruption Court does not comply with the terms of the International Monetary Fund's program.

The World Bank also put forward its demands, warning that there is $ 800 million at stake.

The EU reminded that the creation of the Anti-Corruption Court in accordance with the obligations of Ukraine is also necessary to fulfill visa-free regime requirements.

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