Oleh Sentsov hospitalized in intensive care

Channel 24 reports that according to the Ukrainian political prisoner’s sister Natalia Kaplan, Oleh Sentsov was sent to the intensive care in Labytnangi hospital.

According to his cousin Natalya Kaplan, the hunger strike, which Sentsov held for 145 days, led to irreversible consequences for his health. Including ischemia, cardiac arrhythmia, problems with the liver, stomach and other organs.

Currently, the political prisoner is in the process of ending the hunger strike. “The situation is very critical, no one knows how this will end,” said Kaplan.

However, Interfax reports that according to Russian prison officials, Sentsov is under medical supervision in the penal colony’s medical unit and does not require to be transferred to the intensive care unit. The Russian Federal Service for Execution of Punishment notes that the political prisoner’s health condition has been determined as satisfactory.

Earlier, the film director’s lawyer Dmitry Dinze said that Russian doctors threatened Oleh Sentsov with forced feeding and “making him into a vegetable” if he does not stop the hunger strike.

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