Ukrainian President orders to disassemble and sell the unfinished Ukrayina missile cruiser

Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko has signed a decree to demilitarize the unfinished Ukrayina missile cruiser which is stationed in the anchorage area of the 61 Communards Shipyard in Mykolaiv.

Vyacheslav Bonia, Deputy Head of Mykolaiv City Administration, made a statement to this effect at a staff meeting, reports.

At the staff meeting, Bonia told the workers how the authorities plan to deal with the matter of the salaries they are owed.

“You have the cruiser Ukrayina here, and there is a presidential order to demilitarize it. If you remove the weaponry and sell it, whatever remains will be enough for your salaries, and three times that left over. It has a frame and turbines, and they are in demand,” he said.

According to the demilitarization plan, all the weapons and equipment belonging to the cruiser will be transferred to the ministry of defense, and the frame and turbines will be put on sale.

A source at the Ministry of Defense confirmed this information, adding that the cruiser is on the balance sheet of Ukroboronprom, and it cannot be completed due to the absence of a missile armament.

The Ukrayina missile cruiser was constructed in 1984 by order of the Navy of the former Soviet Union. In 1990, the cruiser was placed in the water, and in 1996 its further construction was suspended. In 2000-2001, the cruiser was supposed to be added to the Ukrainian Naval forces, but this ultimately did not happen.

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