Ukrainian special forces move to Odessa as tensions rise in the city

Several units of Ukrainian special forces "Alpha" have been moved from the front line in eastern Ukraine to the city of Odessa.

The order to transfer the units was given by the head of the Ukrainian Security Services (SSU), Vasyl Hrytsak.

“The leadership of the SSU believes that during the May holidays there is a high probability of unrest in the city,“ Alexander Tkachuk, the  Chief of Staff of the SSU, told Ukraine 112 News Channel.

He noted that the units of the special forces "Alpha", which are permanently stationed on the front line in eastern Ukraine, have been transferred to the city.

Tkachuk stated that a large amount of anti-Ukrainian propagandistic material has been seized from pro-Russian activists in Odessa.  According to him, an ammunition depot previously found in Odessa belonged to pro-Russian activist from the Anti-maidan movement.

Previously, the media reported that Russia has expressed concern over the escalation of tensions in Odessa, including the fact that the soldiers from Ukrainian Azov battalion were moved to the city.

  Ukraine, Odessa