Ukrainian Finance Minister Natalie Jaresko confirms she is ready to become the next Prime Minister

Ukrainian Finance Minister Natalie Jaresko confirmed on Tuesday that she is ready to head a technocratic government as Prime Minister, as long as that government serves the people of Ukraine and not political or oligarchical interests, Interfax-Ukraine reported.

"I'm ready to form a team that right now will start working for Ukraine and its citizens, not for certain business or political groups," Jaresko wrote on Facebook.

Two weeks ago it was reported that Jaresko tentatively agreed to become Prime Minister under certain conditions, including the maintenance of a technocratic government without party quotas and the absence of any political influence. Jaresko also demanded that she be allowed to engage in direct dialogue with the Parliament and receive support for governmental initiatives by all factions of coalitions including “Petro Poroshenko Block”, with which she has an uneasy relationship.

According to Jaresko, the time has come for Ukraine to depoliticize economic processes, and to concentrate on overcoming the current challenges in the country by using all available resources.

To this end, the government should focus on two key issues: the restoration of public confidence and the growth of the Ukrainian economy. The Finance Minister stressed that only a technocratic government can handle the task.

She specified that such a government should be formed on the basis of certain principles, including the idea that the government must be independent from the influence of oligarchs as well as individual political ambition. She also stressed that corruption and political interference are intolerable.

Jaresko emphasized that she never aspired to higher-level positions in the government, and has no plans to build a political career in the future.

“My only desire is to carry out reforms in Ukraine that will provide economic growth, the development of a democratic society, and the welfare of every Ukrainian,” the Finance Minister wrote.

It will still be a political battle to garner the 226 votes needed in the Verkhovna Rada for Jaresko to become the next Ukrainian Prime Minister.

  Natalie Jaresko, Ukraine