Ukrainian defense industry builds the next-generation radar station

KP NPK Iskra (a plant in Zaporizhia, Ukraine) has created a prototype of the new generation radar station 80K6T, which operates on solid-state modules, the press service of state-owned concern UkrOboronProm reports.

"80K6T meets all world standards. The station is equipped with a transistor transmitter and it is compact enough that it can be transported by an American C-130 Hercules military transport aircraft. These exact requirements were indicated in almost all international tenders for radar station purchase, so the 80K6T radar station was designed decisively," it was reported.

According UkrOboronProm’s information, the station provides automatic detection and determination of three coordinates, "binding" of state recognition signals and detected targets tracking at small, medium and high altitudes. It also provides information about the detected targets to command posts and connected systems.

"When we developed the new radar station, we took into account all the drawbacks of previous models and the best world models’ experience. The newest station has high operational and tactical-technical characteristics. It is adapted as much as possible to use in field conditions. In particular, it can be effectively installed and repaired directly in the field," the developers report.

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