Ukraine withdraws from the agreement with Russia on joint export of military products

The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine on Wednesday adopted a resolution on the termination of the intergovernmental agreement with Russia to cooperate in the export of military products to third countries.

This document was adopted on March 24, 2004. Its purpose was to establish cooperation between the parties in the export of military products to third-world nations.

The agreement was applicable to the military products that have been jointly developed, produced or modernized after January 1, 1992. It includes military products that the states have, the list of which is annually agreed by the authorized bodies of the parties.

The list of military products excludes items that are part of reciprocal deliveries that are carried out in accordance with the agreement between the countries on production and scientific and technical cooperation of enterprises of defense industries from November 18, 1993.

Ukraine has been consistently terminating agreements with Russia, especially military agreements, after the annexation of Crimea and the invasion in the Donbas.

In 2014, Ukraine stopped exporting military and dual-use goods to Russia because of Russian aggression and the annexation of Crimea by the Russian Federation. The ban on military-technical cooperation, including the supply of dual-use products was established by presidential decree from August 27, 2014.

In May 2015, the government of Ukraine terminated the intergovernmental agreement with Russia in the field of military-technical cooperation signed in 1993. In August of the same year, the government withdrew from the intergovernmental agreement with the Russian Federation on the production and scientific and technical cooperation of defense industry enterprises from 1993.

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