Ukraine and Turkey sign agreement on joint production of aircraft based on Antonov designs

Ukraine and Turkey have signed an agreement on joint production of passenger and freight aircraft. According to Daily Sabah, they will be assembled in Antonov manufacturing plants.

The agreement was signed by the Deputy Prime Minister of Ukraine Hennadiy Zubko and Minister of National Defense of Turkey İsmet Yılmaz during the Turkish Minister’s visit to Kiev at the end of last week. Zubko stated "I am sure that our work will bear fruit. We have prepared a 'road map' and we will adhere to it.”

According to Daily Sabah, Turkey will create a model of a passenger plane based on the An-158, as well as a cargo aircraft based on the An-178. It is possible that technical cooperation between the two countries will not be strictly limited to the production of aircraft. "Thanks to the efforts of the technical delegation, we discussed bilateral economic relations on the whole,” said Yılmaz.

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