UK Ambassador in Kyiv: Despite Brexit, we will continue to support Ukraine

The Ambassador of the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland to Ukraine, Judith Gough, assured that the possible exit of Great Britain from the EU will not have a significant impact on relations with Ukraine, including military cooperation, as the diplomat stated at the commemorative ceremony for those killed in past wars, which is celebrated on November 11, UNIAN reports.

“I don’t think that this will have a significant impact. If you remember one of the first visits of our Secretary for Foreign Affairs after his appointment, was to Ukraine. He was very clear in expressing support for the cooperation between the United Kingdom and Ukraine and to continue our support,” Gough stated.

According to her, “Although we may leave the European Union, but we are not leaving the European continent, and our support for Ukraine will continue, including military training and support to provide our help in overcoming the conflict you are facing, and the support of reforms in the fight against corruption.”

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