The Security Service of Ukraine investigates more than 40 of its employees

Several employees of the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) are suspected of bribery, treason and espionage.

SBU Chief of Staff Oleksandr Tkachuk announced in a briefing broadcast by Ukrainian news network “5 Channel” that criminal charges were filed against 43 of their own employees. According to him, there have been only four criminal proceedings against SBU employees from the time of the revolution of Dignity until July of last year. This figure dramatically increased at the start of summer.

“Since July 2015, criminal proceedings have been initiated against 39 SBU officers for offenses related to bribery, treason or spying for foreign intelligence services, as well as other offences registered according to the Criminal Code,” Tkachuk said.

As previously reported, on the 27th of March, 2016 the prosecutors and the investigators of the Military Prosecutor's Office of the Vinnytsia Garrison of the Central Region of Ukraine exposed for bribery the Senior State Executive of the State Executive Service of the Vinnytsia City Department of Justice.

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