The Ukrainian Prosecutor’s General Office has demanded that Russia extradite the ex-commander of the Berkut Special Police

The Prosecutor General's Office (GPU) has asked Russia to detain and extradite Serhiy Kusyuk, the former chief of the Kyiv Special Police Regiment, Berkut, as reported by the head of the GPU Department of Special Investigations, Sergei Gorbatyuk on 112 Ukraine.

“A request was sent to the Russian Federation to detain and extradite him,” he said.

So far, there has been no answer from the Russian Federation.  

Gorbatyuk also noted that Kusyuk was made aware of GPU’s suspicion during seven criminal proceedings, including one involving the events surrounding the exhibition about Volyn Massacre held in Kyiv.

After the victory of the Revolution of Dignity, Kusyuk fled to the Crimea. In the summer of 2015, the Prosecutor General's Office declared him wanted on suspicion of obstructing a rally and power abuses.

Kusyuk commanded the violent crackdown of peaceful rallies in Kyiv. In particular, he led the crackdown on protesters at Maidan in Kyiv on the night of 29 to 30 November 2013.

During the Day of Russia events in Moscow, the Russian media showed how Kusyuk participated in the crackdown on demonstrators while wearing the uniform of OMON Russian Special Police.

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