Ukrainian Ministry of Defense introduces a new unified system of logistics support

In an attempt to ensure the reliable provision of resource needs of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and other defense components, the Ministry of Defense has introduced a unified system of logistics support.

The Deputy Minister of Defense of Ukraine, Major-General Oleg Shevchuk said that the Main Logistics Directorate is currently being formed in the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. The next stage would be the formation of the Logistics Forces Command out of Armament, Logistics and medical supply units.

Shevchuk also spoke about successes in defense reform, particularly with the experiments in new ways of providing food to two military units. “According to the results of the experiment, about 20% of the armed forces will adopt the new food system by the end of 2017," he noted.

The experiment consisted of changing the order of food supply to military units and calculating food demands, as well as introducing electronic food accounting and reporting.

"The introduced food delivery system makes it possible to choose appetizers, meat dishes, side dishes, vegetables, fruit, meat, and bakery products like a buffet. The Ministry approved the Products Catalog, which meets NATO standards,” said the Major General.

According to Shevchuk, seventeen NATO standards have also been introduced in the material support system. They regulate requirements concerning uniforms, personal protective equipment and other components of material support. "We also emphasize the introduction of the automated system of recording needs and stocks in material support for the Armed Forces Logistics and in storages in the cities of Odessa and Mykolayiv," Shevchuk stressed.

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